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Wooden kitchen with island



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Dynamic yet sophisticated, ultra-contemporary in its combination of materials and
solutions, the new GK.‎ 03 kitchen is a design that reveals a perfect balance between
artisanship and industrial innovation.‎ The clean, seamless surfaces, the meticulously
finished components, and research into the materials and how they are combined,
create a highly impressive look that allows the kitchen area to become part of a broader,
more complete interior design vision.‎
The handles, the cabinet doors cut at 45° and the accessories enhance the design with
details and become stylish features, while still fulfilling a specific practical purpose.‎ The
wooden cabinet doors, lacquered and in peltrox, are cut at 45° and meet the top, which
is also cut at 45°; the handle, positioned on the upper half of the door, is in aluminium on
top and solid wood on the bottom.‎
The carefully designed finishes enhance the natural beauty of the materials to create a
decisively contemporary look.‎ Walnut canaletto in a refined shade of grey is combined
with the graphic pattern of Zebrino marble and the metal components in brushed bronze
The architectural design creates a kitchen that can define the space through a play on
visual planes, perspectives and overlapping elements: at the back of the elegant island,
a separate area is revealed with the practicality of an equipped wall.‎ This feature
combines the idea of boiserie with a walk-in closet where everything is easy to reach,
bringing a design approach, in which Giorgetti has ample experience, to the kitchen too.‎
The features on the wall include attachments for shelves and a series of accessories for
organising crockery and bottles.‎ There is also an integrated system for hydroponic
cultivation of aromas.‎ What makes these shelves special is the fact that their electricity is
supplied without cables, so they can be moved around easily according to changing
In a continuous dialogue between architecture and design, the new GK.‎ 03 integrates
completely with the new MTM system designed by Carlo Colombo.‎ It is equipped with
some additional components that reveal Giorgetti's intention to develop a genuinely
customisable system for the kitchen area, which can adapt to different needs.‎

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