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Constantinople is a wallpaper available in two finishes: vinyl and nonwoven.‎

Remains of ancient civilisations, architectural wonders and captivating landscapes that bring classical worlds to mind: these are the delicately designed views embedded in this collection theme, which takes its inspiration from the famous Grand Tour.‎ Glamora, as executed through realistic panoramas typical of Canaletto’s cityscape and landscape works, which were often copied or brought home as souvenirs and celebrated in the diaries of famous travellers such as Goethe.‎ The ideal is an eternal beauty, caressed by a delicate light that spans centuries.‎ Today this vision comes to life in spaces inspired by a billowing luminosity and able to convey a mysterious sense of peace.‎

Creative Collection is the ongoing collection by Glamora, enhanced every year by the addition of a new chapter full of fresh proposals.‎ Multi-faceted and in continuous evolution, Creative Collection is the result of international research carried out to identify new style codes that are then interpreted using the characteristic cross-sectional, inter-disciplinary sensitivity of Glamora.‎ The proposed patterns are a harmonious expression of a grand creative freedom, which moves fluidly between art, design, architecture, fashion and photography.‎
The collection is available in two finishes: GlamDecor, the vinyl wallcovering that enhances the design texture through a delicate fabric effect, and GlamTrace, the nonwoven wallcovering in natural fibers that maximizes the pictorial trait thanks to characteristics similar to handmade paper.‎
The Chapter XIII encompasses five areas of inspiration, which all feature beauty in its purest forms and go beyond strict principles of harmony and precision.‎ Sixty designs freely explore the worlds of art, architecture, culture and landscape.‎ Artistic trends are evoked that have led to real cultural transformations, such as Informalism and Neo-Brutalism, including a number of compositional works based on innovative rhythms that sometimes see a break with tradition.‎ There is a focus on nature, a key motif that inspires the brand, and this is examined through the magnifying glass of mythology and biodiversity and interpreted in a kaleidoscope of visual references incorporating plants, flowers and leaves originating from a range of different habitats.‎ Through myths and legends, scents and fragrances, Glamora tells a tale of timeless universes.‎ These are portrayed in spontaneous, distinct designs that are never conventional and come together in a rich collection of cultural references with huge emotional impact.‎

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Roll width 19.68 in | 50 cm
Roll length custom
Thickness 0.019 in | 0,49 mm

Roll width 22.44 in | 57 cm
Roll length custom
Thickness 0.015 in | 0,38 mm

Creative Collection Chapter XIII Collection by GLAMORA
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