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Creation of textured glass with a quilted pattern, inspired by working with luxury goods, which sublimates light to create an effect of exceptional privacy.‎
MASTER-SOFT has abandoned the norms for traditional textured glass to surprise and seduce.‎ This was the plan of designers Savinel and Rozé, who have redesigned this material with great sensitivity.‎ “We wanted to get away from traditional cold and clinical aesthetics, and encourage a new sensory awareness.‎ We took our inspiration from other fields, such as those of luxury goods and furniture, to create a softer, mellow effect.‎ ” Our aim was to offer a totally new touch experience on glass.‎
MASTER-SOFT is now part of the line of matte, velvety effects which is very present indoors nowadays.‎ These material effects are very inspiring; «the trend nowadays is to feel the grain of the wood under your fingers or material with a definable weave» the designers feel.‎

- MASTER-SOFT has one textured face and one smooth face.‎
- Its texture is obtained by casting and rolling the glass between two engraved cylinders.‎
- This extremely precise operation enables the glass to be finely engraved

Light screen, internal structure, furniture, MASTER-SOFT is all at the same time.‎ Its applications are limitless: 
-indoors: partitions, all-glass doors and framed doors, shower and bath screens, stair treads, floor panels;
-furniture: cabinet doors, tables, counters, shelves;
-outdoors: windows and glazing in façades, balcony screens.‎

It is ideal for use in private environments such as houses and offices, but also in public places such as shops, hotels and restaurants.‎

-MASTER-SOFT is a modern and state-of-the-art glass that has been awarded a “Best of the Best” Red Dot Award.‎  
-It has a matte, soft and flexible texture, structured by two diagonals.‎ MASTER-SOFT offers a maximum light while maintaining privacy.‎ It conveys a background blur, becoming blurred as the body moves away.‎

MASTER-SOFT is easy to use and suitable for numerous types of processing:
- incorporated in enhanced thermal insulation double- glazed units for comfort;
- toughened or laminated for safety purposes;
- curved or edgeworked to enhance the impact of its appearance;
- lacquered on the smooth face.‎

Further info from manufacturer on MASTER-SOFT
3,210 x 2000mm;
3,300 x 2,040mm

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