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Individual office workstation


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LIMBUS CONCEPT | Office workstation


Individual office workstation


Fabric, Wood

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LimbusConcept workplace in C or H formation targets the need of temporary workplaces for individual focused work at the activity-based office.‎ As these workplaces are used by different people, there is the option of electrically adjustable work height of the desk.‎ The design with rounded corners breathes quality and the flexibility in size and the large selection of standard fabrics provide almost unlimited opportunities to customize to most environments.‎

Table top fixed: 10mm, white compact laminate with black core.‎ Measure fitted to size.‎
Standard depth: 550mm and 750mm.‎
The table top is provided with framework of lists for attachment to the screens.‎
Cable Feed Through Grommet in aluminium.‎ Placed in the middle.‎
A cable through Ø80mm, gray, is placed in screens between workplaces.‎
Sit/stand legs: Lifting columns DL6 Desklift from Linak.‎
Table height: 650-1300mm (Programmed to max height 1100mm)
1200N / leg
Standby power 0,1W
Configurations: The Concept furniture can be configured in C-, or H-Modules and extension modules.‎
Construction: 15mm sound absorbing polyether is glued on both sides of an 8mm sound reducing MDF board with a sharp edged frame.‎
The screen is coated with fabric and stands on two legs.‎
The nails are covered with a fabric piping in different colour options
Standard options are white and black.‎ No visible stiches.‎
Toolbars can be integrated in the screen.‎
Board: 8mm sound reducing MDF board with a 40mm MDF-frame.‎ (Nordic label)
Acoustic filling: 2 x 15mm sound absorbing HR60-Polyether.‎ (Ökotex)
Glue: Waterbased glue.‎
Cover: Europost and Flex from Gabriel (www.‎ gabriel.‎ dk) / Lucia and Blazer 1 & 2 from Camira (www.‎ camirafabrics.‎ com) / Basic from Bogesund (www.‎ bogesunds.‎ se) / Customers choice quoted
Environment: 100% recyclable.‎
Integrated toolbar: Conceptum from Kondator AB (www.‎ kondator.‎ se)
Specification text: (Ex.‎ ) Limbus Concept h=1250mm.‎ 1600x1640x40mm, sharp edges.‎
Sound absorbing filling with fabric, inside: Blazer CUZ 1E
Sound absorbing filling with fabric, outside: Blazer CUZ 30
Fabric piping: Black 190
2pc fixed table tops in 10mm HPL, white with black core
Screens are connected with concealed fittings.‎

Further info from manufacturer on LIMBUS CONCEPT | Office workstation
Widths: 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800mm.
Depths: 600, 800mm
Height: 1260mm above floor.
Table top: 720mm above floor
Height above table top 530mm
Dimensions LIMBUS CONCEPT | Office workstation
Dimensions LIMBUS CONCEPT | Office workstation
Bim and Cad

Limbus Collection by Glimakra of Sweden
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LimbusConcept C 1100x840
LimbusConcept C 1300x840
LimbusConcept C 1500x840
LimbusConcept C 1700x840
LimbusConcept C 1900x840
LimbusConcept C 900x840
LimbusConcept H 1100x1640
LimbusConcept H 1300x1640
LimbusConcept H 1500x1640
LimbusConcept H 1700x1640
LimbusConcept H 1900x1640
LimbusConcept H 900x1640
LimbusConcept C extension 1060x840
LimbusConcept C extension 1260x840
LimbusConcept C extension 1460x840
LimbusConcept C extension 1660x840
LimbusConcept C extension 1860x840
LimbusConcept C extension 860x840
LimbusConcept H extension 1260x1640
LimbusConcept H extension 1460x1640
LimbusConcept H extension 1660x1640
LimbusConcept H extension 1860x1640
LimbusConcept H extension 860x1640
LimbusConcept H extension 1060x1640
Limbus Concept Addon 1200x300
Limbus Concept Addon 1200x400
Limbus Concept Addon 1400x300
Limbus Concept Addon 1400x400
Limbus Concept Addon 1600x300
Limbus Concept Addon 1600x400
Limbus Concept Addon 1800x300
Limbus Concept Addon 1800x400
Limbus Concept Addon 800x300
Limbus Concept Addon 800x400
Limbus Concept Addon 1000x300
Limbus Concept Addon 1000x400
LimbusConcept Soft Tabletop 550x1444
LimbusConcept Soft Tabletop 550x1644
LimbusConcept Soft Tabletop 550x1844
LimbusConcept Soft Tabletop 750x844
LimbusConcept Soft Tabletop 750x1044
LimbusConcept Soft Tabletop 750x1244
LimbusConcept Soft Tabletop 750x1444
LimbusConcept Soft Tabletop 750x1644
LimbusConcept Soft Tabletop 750x1844
LimbusConcept Soft Tabletop 550x844
LimbusConcept Soft Tabletop 550x1044
LimbusConcept Soft Tabletop 550x1244
LimbusConcept Tabletop 550x1044
LimbusConcept Tabletop 550x1244
LimbusConcept Tabletop 550x1444
LimbusConcept Tabletop 550x1644
LimbusConcept Tabletop 550x1844
LimbusConcept Tabletop 750x844
LimbusConcept Tabletop 750x1044
LimbusConcept Tabletop 750x1244
LimbusConcept Tabletop 750x1444
LimbusConcept Tabletop 750x1644
LimbusConcept Tabletop 750x1844
LimbusConcept Tabletop 550x844
LimbusConcept Soft Basic C 1086x840
LimbusConcept Soft Basic C 1286x840
LimbusConcept Soft Basic C 1486x840
LimbusConcept Soft Basic C 1686x840
LimbusConcept Soft Basic C 1886x840
LimbusConcept Soft Basic C 886x840
LimbusConcept Soft Basic H 1086x1640
LimbusConcept Soft Basic H 1286x1640
LimbusConcept Soft Basic H 1486x1640
LimbusConcept Soft Basic H 1686x1640
LimbusConcept Soft Basic H 1886x1640
LimbusConcept Soft Basic H 886x1640
LimbusConcept Soft Extension C 1053x840
LimbusConcept Soft Extension C 1253x840
LimbusConcept Soft Extension C 1453x840
LimbusConcept Soft Extension C 1653x840
LimbusConcept Soft Extension C 1853x840
LimbusConcept Soft Extension C 853x840
LimbusConcept Soft Extension H 1053x1640
LimbusConcept Soft Extension H 1253x1640
LimbusConcept Soft Extension H 1453x1640
LimbusConcept Soft Extension H 1653x1640
LimbusConcept Soft Extension H 1853x1640
LimbusConcept Soft Extension H 853x1640

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