LED indirect light japanese paper pendant lamp

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LED indirect light japanese paper pendant lamp


Japanese Paper

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Twenty years ago, Japanese paper met Céline Wright. Lightness, poetry and balance defines her style, which marks the spirit of her lamps.
From a simple pencil drawing which defines the lines of an object, Céline Wright molds a shape she wants “unique and alive”. Just like a sculptor, the artist carries out a volume with the help of specific materials, which will then give birth to a form. With this form, she lets the matter and the light carry her, according to a speculative and artistic approach, which favors desire and attractiveness.

The pleat or the crease of a paper, its sound and sensuality, are for her, indications she will follow. The designer gives its badge of honor to this “forgotten material” in our industrial world as she says. The Washi, Japanese paper, groups together many properties still quite unknown in Europe: it is tear-proof, unbreakable, flexible, fine and functional.

Céline Wright’s describes herself willingly as a craftsman-designer. For her, “hand-made
craftsmanship is the only non-polluting human energy”. All her items are therefore hand-made. 
Drawing her creative energy from the heart of the material, she takes her inspiration from nature and bases her approach on detailed observation.

For Grok, Céline has imagined a spectacular and aerial installation. “Voiles” (Sails) is an
invitation to travel. The movement of the sails in underlined by the layering of Washi paper, which radiates out from the central axis.

The collaboration with Grok perfectly combines a first-class LED Technology with the lightness and poetry of paper.

Céline celebrates the pleasure of gesture and let herself be guided by her desires. Drawing her creative energy from the heart of the material, she takes her inspiration from nature and bases her approach on detailed observation.
These objects are the results of her careful eye focused on the natural world that surrounds us: a bark that catches a ray of sun, fl owers scattered on a footpath, a creased fabric hanging on a cord, caught in the light and wind. Her lamps are like a stroll in the heart of nature.

LED 50W, 3000K
Mains dimming 220 - 240V
Dimmable 1 - 10V 100 - 240V
Dimmable Dali 100 - 240V.

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