Hallway units

Hallway unit is a piece of furniture that is functional to the reception of owners and guests, and at the same time has a strong aesthetic impact. Designing the entrance is fundamental because the first room of the house is the one that has a strong impact on the style of a home. Giving your home a classic or modern imprint passes through the full, soft volumes of traditional entrance furniture, or through the subtle, minimalist forms of contemporary design furniture.
This is why the entrance furniture market offers a large number of solutions and furnishing accessories, each of which is designed to be adapted to any interior design idea.

The elements that make up an hallway unit

The perfect hallway unit is the one that meets every need. The more functional ones are able to organize the space well, so as to make it particularly pleasant. To make the most of each room, we can opt for floor-standing entrance furniture or hallway unit installed directly on the wall.
In both cases, the most common are furniture with drawers of all shapes and sizes, very useful when you return home and need to empty your pockets. Another element that usually makes up the entrance cabinet is the coat hanger, which can be a servo motor, a coat hanger bar or simply a succession of hooks. Or even, as a simple place to place jackets and coats, the entrance cabinet can be completed by a practical umbrella stand, which will prevent wet umbrellas from dripping directly onto the floor.
The entrance becomes the right space also to place a large mirror, perhaps one that gives a complete image of your body, avoiding uncomfortable half-busts (mirrors like these become not very functional in the overall vision of your outfit).
Not only mirrors, coat hangers and pocket emptiers, but also practical modular shelves that would furnish any type of entrance. The hallway unit becomes very functional, finally, when equipped with a shoe compartment, where precisely to store this accessory when you return home and want to immediately wear comfortable slippers.

Elegant or modern style: the materials and types of entrance furniture

Once you have ascertained the style you want to give to the entrance of the house and the whole house, all you have to do is choose the materials and shapes that will compose the entrance furniture.
Wooden entrance furniture can be the basic elements of a classic and elegant style furniture, the colours particularly suggested in this case are walnut and in general the lighter essences. An entrance console, where you can place some photo holders or pocket empties, undoubtedly enriches the entrance of every house. On the market you can find all kinds of them, some of them also equipped with very comfortable accessories, such as shelves or shop windows that give an elegant touch to everything.
As for the idea of a modern-style entrance, the design and materials used will obviously change. In an entrance of a house that is equipped with modern furniture, you can not miss a steel coat rack, even the most extravagant forms, perhaps combined with a full light mirror that combines function and practicality of use. Modern entrance furniture has the great ability to be versatile: the range of choice becomes very rich in the case of modular furniture. Just think of a suspended shelf, attached to the wall, composed of several modular elements, which can be moved and assembled as desired.
Or, a practical bookcase, with a wavy shape that probably won't host a large number of books, but will be able to give a modern and, at the same time, elegant touch not only to the entrance, but also to the whole house.
The latest trends are oriented towards simple and functional shelves, maybe even space-saving, useful to place objects to keep at hand and store, underneath, objects that are very unwieldy and cumbersome.

The hallway unit and the size of the space

We conclude with a brief but significant hint regarding the size of the hallway unit. Whether we find ourselves in front of a house of unmistakable elegance or a house with a modern imprint, the hallway unit must be the right size to avoid giving the impression of being in a suffocated and small environment. Even when furnishing an open-space entrance, one must take into account that the free space must be at least around 70 centimetres, so that any person is able to move freely. It goes without saying that it is up to the ability of the interior designer to make a small room stand out, furnishing a small entrance with space-saving furniture, so as not to give up the functionality of the furnishing accessory, without exaggeratedly limiting the available space.

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