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Handrinse basins

The handrinse basins is a small washbasin, particularly suitable for service bathrooms, anti-bathrooms or public bathrooms.
Proposed in different shapes, the bathroom hand-rinse basins have a considerably reduced depth compared to a classic washbasin and are able to solve space problems even in small and narrow bathrooms. Choosing a hand washbasin for the bathroom in fact offers the possibility to effectively furnish bathrooms with smaller dimensions, without sacrificing the aesthetic component.

Which is the most suitable for your needs?

A hand-washing machine is usually no more than 30 cm deep and 50 cm long. It is available in a wide variety of shapes and materials and can be installed in support or suspension. Suspended hand-rinse basins are ideal for optimizing spaces that are too narrow: they are fixed to the wall by means of non-visible brackets, which leave the space below free.
The countertop handrinse basins have high edges and require more space. They can be combined both with pre-drilled washbasin tops and with bases with containers or drawers, also prepared for the water drain hose hole.
For a more elegant bathroom, instead, you can opt for a freestanding washbasin, certainly less usual but of great effect. In this case it is necessary to provide for ground drainage.

Shapes of modern hand-washing units

The rectangular hand-washing unit is certainly the classic model par excellence and the most popular in contract environments. Like the square hand basin, it usually has one of the wider edges than the others on which the tap installation holes are located. You can also place a soap or other accessories for personal use on this small surface. If the hand-rinse basin does not have holes in the wider edge, then you will have to opt for the wall faucet.
The round hand-rinse basin is more modern and can also be equipped with a tap hole or not. The round countertop version could be a good compromise between comfort and design. Finally, a corner hand-washing unit allows you to make the most of the spaces that would otherwise remain empty.

Colours and materials of designer handrinse basins

Among the various aspects to consider when designing your bathroom, the choice of hand washers is certainly important. In addition to choosing between the various types, it is important to focus on the materials. The choice is vast: ceramics, glass, stone, resin or composite materials allow designers and end users to create interesting material combinations.
The most traditional model from this point of view is certainly the ceramic hand washer. Ceramic remains the most widely used material because of its characteristics: the strength, brightness and versatility typical of its composition. A ceramic hand-rinse basin is shock-resistant and can be cleaned easily. In addition to white ceramics, you can also opt for coloured ceramics.
Modern hand-washing units are increasingly made from alternative materials. A Corian hand-rinse basin leaves a lot of room for creativity: with Corian it is possible to obtain the most varied shapes without renouncing resistance, hygiene and solidity. Like Corian, a Cristalplant hand-washing machine gives elegance and refinement to your bathroom. These two versatile and refined materials have a variety of colours and finishes to meet every need. Enamelled or vitrified steel hand-washing units are also very popular: they have thicker surfaces - in contrast to Corian, for example, which can be very thin - and are very resistant. They are ideal if you do not have a very high budget and do not require special maintenance.

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