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”I could work in the shower if I had plastic paper”(Umberto Eco)
Handshowers are handheld shower spouts connected to the wall or to the mixer by a hose. Handshowers are placed on supports on the shower wallbar or fixed on the wall. Functional and convenient, placing the handshower on the wallbar lets you use it as a fixed spout with the advantage of adjustable height. In the most advanced models, the water flow is regulated from the knob. A slight pressure of the finger on the buttons on the back of the device is enough to choose the type of flow you want. Moreover, the position of each nozzle is carefully studied to grant an abundant flow no matter the size and the shape of the handshower.

As for rainshowers, the handshowers have variable water flows according to the water supply pressure. For each handshower the water flow diagrams indicate the limit flow below which a comfortable and continuous flow can’t be granted. The market offers a wide range of handshowers with a low flow ratio thanks to their shape or specific devices as flow limiters built in them. The “smartest” models have a reduced 4 liter/min consumption with remarkable water saving.

The detail that makes a difference in handshowers is the number of nozzles. The single spray handshowers have only one kind of stream, usually a rain-stream. The double spray handshowers combine the rain stream to the waterfall stream while the triple spray handshowers (and up to 4 stream types) let you combine streams to get several different massage-like streams for a relaxing effect.
Choose a anti-lime system handshower for improved durability. In these models the nozzles are made of silicone to make it easier to eliminate limescale.

The handshower is always in designers’ spot light and often awarded with prizes such as the Red Dot Award and the iF Product Design Award. For this reason it gained a perfect balance between technology, quality and design. Besides ensuring you the shower experience you wish, designer handshowers give a touch of originality to your bathroom. Try to amaze your guests with a stylus handshower designed by Philippe Starck! ... More ... less
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