The headboard for bed is a piece of furniture that combines the purely technical characteristics of its function to an aesthetic combination of padding, fabrics and volume games. Simple or decorated, classic in finishes and materials or particular and eccentric, many models of headboard for bed are available on the market. In order to choose the one that best suits the space available and your needs, it is important to evaluate its shape, size and material. The headboard is extremely useful in any context: from the classic upholstered headboard, upholstered in leather, eco-leather or fabric, to modern proposals that play with innovative materials, it confirms itself as a versatile and customizable complement.

The characteristics of the headboard for bed

Headboards combine comfort and aesthetics in an effective way, furnishing with models capable of transforming the appearance of the entire bedroom.
Headboards for double bed have the ability to ensure your comfort not only during the hours of sleep, but also when you simply want to relax and rest comfortably on the back to read a book, flip through a magazine or watch movies on TV.
The heads can be an integral part of the bed structure or even be fixed to the wall: in the latter case, you will be free to buy any model, which will then be attached to the wall through the use of anchors and supports.
In addition to ensuring an excellent level of comfort, headboards contribute to improving the acoustic properties of the environment, especially when equipped with relief patterns and covered with open-cell fabrics such as microfiber or felt.
All these features can absolutely be considered in the choice of headboards for single bed, even boys must have the opportunity to stay comfortably resting on their bed while they are at the computer or while listening to their favorite music.

How to choose the right headboard for your room

The models of headboards for bed available on the market are really many, among the aspects to take into account there is certainly the size and features of the wall where the model chosen will be placed. It must of course be in line with the style and colours of all the other furniture in the room. If your bedroom is in classic style, you could opt for a capitonné headboard: soft and elegant, it is basically made up of a padding with diamonds fixed with buttons or even crystals, it can be made of leather or fabric, from the simplest to the damask and certainly will never go unnoticed.
On the other hand, if you prefer a more sober, but nevertheless important style, the best choice will be the wooden headboard; the most classic of the materials will always guarantee optimal performance and an aesthetic of great effect. The wood can also be finished with different types of veneer, coloured or lacquered, to come against any type of style.
In the more generous sleeping areas it is even possible to place the bed in the middle of the room, without putting it against a wall: in this case the headboard will become a real piece of furniture usable in all its parts, even in the back, with the creation of additional shelves, shelves and storage compartments.

The padded headboard, a timeless classic

The bedroom always needs special attention in the choice of elements that make up the house, is a very important area of the house, the place where you can rest after long days of work. Comfort and convenience must be the master and for this reason it is important to evaluate every aspect especially in the choice of bed and headboard that completes the structure.
Whatever style you choose for your bedroom, you can opt for upholstered headboards, a very versatile and functional piece of furniture, with soft and welcoming lines.
Like any type of upholstered furniture, headboards can be made of fabric or leather, depending on whether you prefer to maintain a minimal style or if you want to give a special touch of style to the room.
Even the color of the padding can give character to the room, so do not be afraid to use bright and original tones, everything will contribute to the final result of your relaxation corner.

Space-saving headboards

The essentiality of the spaces is one of the most interesting themes in the design of modern houses; every corner of the room must be exploited to its full potential.
In addition to opting for bed structures with chests of drawers or storage compartments under the mattress, even the headboard of the bed can acquire a new function and become a place to store and store objects.
The headboard with integrated bedside tables is a convenient and design solution: thanks to this structure, you can always have everything you need before going to sleep and when you wake up.
Modern headboards offer a further interesting opportunity in this sense with the creation of small compartments hidden in the very thickness of the backrest; books, pillows and small objects can then be stored in these original cavities and be hidden from the eyes of your guests. ... More ... less


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