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132 Headboards

Headboards are for the bed what frames are for the painting. Even if it isn’t really necessary for the bed, it has a double function: it’s practical because it provides a stable support when you’re sitting on the bed, and it’s cool because it makes you look at the bed as the central piece of the bedroom composition. Simple or decorated? Elegant or fancy? On Archiproducts you can find the headboard that suits your style!

If you like classic style, choose a decorated, carved, wooden headboard or a metal one decorated with flowery patterns and cameos. For a modern touch, choose an upholstered headboard covered with leather, faux-leather or fabric. Upholstered headboards are elegant and comfortable at the same time. They grant enhanced comfort and acoustics if decorated with relief decorations and covered with open cell fabric like microfiber or felt. Are you looking for an original headboard? Choose it according to the shapes you prefer with modular soundproof panels. Looking for practicity and elegance? Opt for a headboard with built-in bedside tables. A wooden one for a boiserie effect, a fabric and wood one to highlight the connection between bedside table and headboard. If you want to give your room a fine tone, tufted headboards with their elegant buttons and lozenges making, are ideal in classic settings as well as in contemporary ones. The geometry of the lozenges transform the headboard in an elegant item nothing short of classic Chesterfield headboards. ... More ... less
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