Controlled mechanical ventilation system


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Controlled mechanical ventilation system

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With Helty Flow, the air in your home is always fresh, pleasant and purified.‎ Helty Flow guarantees perfect ventilation whilst preventing the dispersion of energy caused by opening the windows.‎

Thanks to the F7 pollen filter that purifies the incoming air, Helty Flow filters dust particles up to 6 times finer than PM2,5, to ensure perfectly healthy air.‎
Helty Flow salvages 86% of heat produced from the air and warms the incoming air to really save you money.‎
Thanks to its special filter, Helty Flow purifies the pollen, dust and smog from the air.‎ The air exchanger eliminates VOCs, formaldehyde, radon and excess moisture, preventing the formation of mould.‎ You can finally breathe fresh, clean air that protects your health, even at night and without wasting energy.‎
Helty Flow continuously replaces the air in the house, without the need to open the windows, eliminating internal pollutants and filtering the outside air from dust and pollen.‎ Thanks to the two separate air exchange streams, the air is continuously renewed, the heat recovery is high and the exhaust air does not contaminate the fresh air flow in the inlet.‎

Helty Flow is produced entirely in Italy.‎ Designed by Massimo Broglio, it is elegant, compact, customisable and easily integrated into any environment.‎ Choose between the different versions to find the one that is perfect for your home.‎
Helty Flow can be installed in less than an hour: two holes and a connection to the power supply are all that is needed, then it is ready to go.‎

With Helty Flow Elite, the air quality indoors is always excellent.‎ The performance is automatically modulated by the hygrometric sensor, which expels excess humidity, preventing condensation and mould, thanks to the CO2sensor that detects the need to increase air renewal so as to improve oxygenation, and by the VOC sensor that prevents excessive increase in concentrations of pollutants.‎ Helty Flow Elite is equipped with a LED light kit and a refined Made in Italy design that adapts to any context.‎ .‎

Technical description:
- Dual-flow controlled mechanical ventilation system for automatic air exchange offers continuous heat recovery of up to 86%.‎
- Small and silent.‎ Ideal for air purification in living rooms and open spaces.‎
- F7 pollen filter: removes up to 90% of 0.‎ 4 µm particles, six times thinner than PM2.‎ 5.‎ The replacement signal alerts you to the need to change the filter.‎
- LED lights for a discreet illumination of spaces.‎
- A refined Made in Italy design, in pure white.‎

Further info from manufacturer on FLOW ELITE
785 x 320 x 135 mm

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