HEWI MINI U | Door handle with lock

Polyamide door handle with lock


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MINI U | Door handle with lock


Polyamide door handle with lock


Polyamide (PA)

Design Year

Standard door fitting with escutcheons
with flat rose, cap made of polyamide, diameter 32 mm, consisting of:
Lever handle design 111.‎ 23PCM U-shape made of polyamide with continuous steel core up to the end of the lever handle, through-dyed, diameter 23 mm, with shank guide.‎ Square spindle of the male part of the lever handle 8 mm with trapezoidal thread.‎ Fixing of the lever handle in a press-in bearing with all-round teeth and a polyamide plain bearing bush with two lugs as anti-rotation elements in the press-in bearing.‎ The grubscrew M5 is fixed, as additional securing of the female parts of the lever handle, in a recess in the square spindle and thus helps to achieve optimum force transfer into the door leaf.‎ The lever handle fulfils the requirements of EN 179 and DIN 18040.‎ With escutcheon 306PCM, 32 x 47 mm, 1.‎ 5 mm high.‎ Use in conjunction with mortise locks to DIN 18251.‎ Installation of the press-in bushes by means of a mounting nut with trapezoidal thread, AF 19.‎ We recommend installation using an open-ended spanner, AF 19.‎ The cut size (hole dimension) in the area of the lock follower must have nominal size 25 mm.‎ Production tolerances of +/- 1 mm can be levelled out by the press-in bearing.‎ The cut size (hole dimension) in the area of the escutcheons (profile cylinder/warded lock) may have a max.‎ size of 25 x 40 mm.‎ We recommend mounting on residential and internal doors with HDF facing and middle layers (core) made of hollow (tubular) core particleboard or solid particleboard or higher-quality, with both non-rebated and rebated finish.‎ We recommend installation of the mini solely on door elements tested by HEWI and the door manufacturers.‎ A current list of the tested door elements can be found on our website: www.‎ hewi.‎ de/mini.‎ Fittings with mini roses are not suitable for use on door elements with fire protection, smoke control, burglary resistance, wet room or radiation protection functions.‎
Designed and tested for the projects segment, user category to EN 1906 - Class 3
Durability: Class 7
Door weight: No classification specified
Fire resistance: Class 0
Safety: Class 0
Corrosion resistance: Class 4
Security: Class 0
Design-type: U

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