The highboard has been a characteristic feature of the kitchen for over 4 centuries and more than any other gives the house a warm and comfortable atmosphere. It has a history that dates back to 1600 when it was used in Emilia Romagna by noble families who usually placed it in the banquet hall. Above it were arranged the foods that were to be served during the lunches. The highboard takes its name from a ritual called "highboard service": before starting the banquet a particularly trustworthy servant of the family, called "Master Highboard Maker", tasted all the courses before they were served to the diners to make sure that they were not poisoned. At the end of this procedure, he exclaimed, "Gentlemen, you have been offered a highboard service!" and only then were the food served at the table.
Nowadays this piece of furniture no longer has only this exclusively functional aspect. Thanks to the modern configurations and mix of colours and materials, the highboard is part of an interior design project, also contributing to the aesthetic rendering of an environment. It is therefore a versatile piece of furniture that allows you to have tidy spaces without ever sacrificing style.

Cupboards that complete the living area

The highboard is a piece of furniture that can not miss in the living room furniture. With its refined design, it is suitable for any space, from the living room to the dining room, from the kitchen to the entrance. This container, used mainly for storing dishes, tablecloths, trays, napkins and candles, frees daily life from the many objects, useful or not, that crowd it. For those who love order and practicality, the capacious but discreet highboard that make it easier to find the right location for each object are the perfect choice. The highboard multiply the available space with grace, making each room of the house elegant, welcoming and suitable to live there with practicality and simplicity. But at the same time, this design furniture gives style and personality to the rooms.

Ordering has never been so rich in style

Today's highboard not only respond to the classic function of "container", but complete the furniture of the living area with new patterns of color and mix of materials. You can choose from a variety of configurations. This choice often does not only concern an aesthetic issue, on the contrary, an important discriminating evaluation comes from a technical and functional analysis. For example, highboard with sliding doors, allowing a space-saving opening, are perfect when there is not enough space to open the doors and to be placed in a niche or in a narrow corridor. These also enrich the environment with details, playing with the horizontal movement of the surfaces and proposing an alternation of materials and finishes, of solids and voids. When, on the other hand, there are no space limitations, they can even choose the timeless highboard with hinged doors, which, on the other hand, guarantee ease of use thanks to the immediate use of what is inside through the simultaneous opening of the doors.

Formal games of modern highboard

The highboard has taken on, over time, contemporary characteristics, reviving the traditional concept of this piece of furniture.
An example of this are the modular highboard, which with open compartments and closed compartments, offer different possibilities of installation. You can create small or large solutions that change over time and are tailored to your needs. In fact, these are functional solutions that support the change of fashions and needs over time, offering many possibilities for customization to create new ways of living the home.
The highboard with drawers are also revisited in a modern key, to offer innovative configurations: the drawers of different sizes, square or rectangular, placed at different heights immediately capture the attention and mark with a regular rhythm the front of the cabinet.

How to furnish any environment with highboard

You can choose from a large number of highboard that differ in shape and size. There are high highboard that will elegantly occupy the vertical space for greater livability of the environment. These are particularly suitable for small rooms or for occupying small spaces, as their size tends not to overload the room.
But there are also highboards in the low version, which takes advantage of the horizontality of space. They are perfect for open spaces where they offer a solution of continuity between the various areas of the room. Or they are chosen when you want to set up and give importance to a wall or when you want to leave the wall above free for other uses such as paintings or shelves.
For those who want to give their home a sense of lightness and mystery, they can choose the suspended highboard, which not only allows you not to clutter up space on the floor, but are positioned on the wall with games of volumes and surfaces that can change the perception of space.

Metal and wood, simple materials for design highboard

Choosing a design highboard means choosing quality and attention to materials and finishes. Over the centuries, this piece of furniture has been transformed, the materials available have increased and the styles have changed. Even today the main material is certainly wood, chosen because it is synonymous with strength and resistance. The wooden highboard can be perfectly placed in any room and match well any type of furniture, both classic and modern. For example, the light-coloured woods are chosen to be combined with modern furniture, while the darker ones, with their elegance and warmth, are used for more classic environments.
But the contemporary wooden highboard is characterized by a combination of various wood species and finishes combined with glass and metal inserts. The metal highboard, on the other hand, perfect for those who love the solidity of this material and want to amaze and capture the look, fits perfectly into a contemporary interior design project.

Not only highboard, but true kaleidoscopes of colors

But the latest design trends indicate that every piece of furniture and every room in the house must be covered with colour. And so you can choose from a large number of lacquered highboard. For example, white ones often have a fresh look that doesn't weigh down the room. There are highboards in neutral tones, evergreens that give elegance to the room without ever being trivial. Moreover, by reflecting the light, they allow to increase the visual width of the spaces.
For those who love to amaze, the bold and bold tones of the highboard are perfect, from the clearest to the most intense shades, perfect for interiors with a high creative rate.
Each of these colors makes the highboard adaptable to the most current and attentive housing contexts, but also a starting point for the creation of vibrant atmospheres and full of pathos.

The timeless fascination of highboard

A refined yet linear style is what you are looking for when you choose the perfect highboard that will accompany your daily life at home. A house furnished in the right style is the business card when guests come in, will tell them who we are and will highlight our character. It is therefore essential that the cupboard is chosen by combining its style with that of the rest of the room.
The models in modern style are distinguished by their strong character, but also simple and linear that never leaves indifferent. Their essential shapes create a refined yet versatile and practical environment.
The classic style highboard with its curved and sinuous lines, warm colors and rich decorations recreates a romantic and timeless atmosphere. But at the same time it evokes family memories capable of making everyone who enters the room feel at ease.

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