Cooking hobs are certainly the most used kitchen appliance and when choosing them, different aspects need to be taken into account. A small family, for instance, can opt for a hob with two cooking areas rather than four, five or more. On top of that, the type and quantity of the food we are used to cook can influence the choice of one hob over the others. The size will strictly depend on the available space in the kitchen and should not be underestimated either. The standard width for a single or double hob is 30-35 cm; a model with three or four cooking areas is 60 cm wide; for hobs with five or six cooking areas the width to be considered is 70cm.

Simple and traditional gas cooking hobs

Easy to turn on and use, gas cooking hobs are among the least expensive kitchen appliance, with integrated safety systems that make their use reliable and void of risks. This typology of cooking appliance can feature more or less burners. The classic model, 60 cm wide, for instance, has four burners with different diameters allowing for an easier control of the flame and cooking intensity. The flame can be lighted with an electric control and is important to check that a safety system is there to block any gas emission by means of a thermocouple. Another selling point of this hob is that all kind of pots can be used with it. Gas cooking hobs can have different burners and specific characteristics. There can be auxiliary, rapid, triple crown gas burners and each of them is conceived to be used with pots and pans of different size and shape. The surface where burners are placed is usually in stainless steel, however there are also models with special colored finishes such as black, gray, beige and cream. Very much sought after are gas on glass cooking hobs, where the cookers lay on a black or white tempered glass or ceramic glass surface, a material that is extraordinarily robust and scratch-resistant. The overall outcome is a refined addition, suitable for kitchens with a simple and traditional taste. Last but not least, these hobs are also very easy to clean.

Robust and easy to use: electric cooking hobs for a contemporary kitchen

Elegant, safe and versatile, electric cooking hobs are perfect if you want to replace your old gas kitchen but do not have the connections to install a new one. These modern cooking hobs in ceramic glass, a sturdy and anti-scratch material, can transfer heat by means of electric resistors or, in cooking hobs with halogen stoves, by switching on powerful infrared lights that heat up anything absorbing them. The advantage with these hobs is their flexible installation as they do not have to be connected to the gas system, but only to the electric network. This kind of hob is therefore especially recommended for kitchens with an island or outdoor spaces. Thanks to their perfectly even surface they are also very handy to clean and speed up cooking time.

Efficient and technological: induction hobs

Largely used in contemporary kitchens, induction cooking hobs guarantee indisputable performances and easy usage. They are often incorporated in kitchens and installed built-in or flush-top. Compared to conventional hobs, induction hobs are particularly efficient in terms of energy consumption. Special reels positioned underneath the cooktop, almost always in ceramic glass, generate a magnetic field that is turned into heat. This heat is transferred from the pot to the food inside for cooking. Heat is not passed from the hob or through the air as in gas or electric cooking. In fact it generates specifically from the pots, thus avoiding dispersion. All induction hobs are also equipped with pan presence sensors that guarantees the cooktop is switched on only if there is a pan on it, thus preventing unintended activation. Another safety device is the block function allowing through a single button to block the control panel and prevent the cooktop to accidentally switch on. Generally induction hobs also include a booster function that enhance the power of a specific cooking area and speeds up the heating time. It is therefore quicker to reach the needed temperature. Something which is particularly noticeable of this product is design. The glossy and sleek surface and the flame absence are characteristics that integrate perfectly in a contemporary kitchen context. Contemporary kitchens are often equipped with induction hobs with integrated hood, an extra feature that contributes to make the space look more minimal and sophisticated.

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