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Freestanding bioethanol fireplace

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Freestanding bioethanol fireplace

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Fire has been attracting people for ages.‎ However, this hot element was essential for survival in the past and today, we above all enjoy its pleasant warmth, the cozy crackling and the unique dance of the flames.‎ The Allgäu start-up höfats loves playing with fire and has now enlarged its product range – so far comprising fire baskets, fire bowls, grills and lanterns – by another accessory: Spin is the name of our latest innovation, a fascinating whirl of flames in a decorative glass cylinder, bringing campfire atmosphere onto your balcony or terrace.‎ As any other höfats product awarded with numerous design prizes, Spin enthuses with its first-class aesthetics and ingenious functionality.‎

The impressive dance of the flames is due to bioethanol burnt in a can.‎ Simply place the can into the stainless steel footing on an even surface and light the combustion gel with an extended universal lighter or a long match.‎ Then quickly put on the 54 cm glass cylinder (made of high-quality borosilicate glass) and enjoy the luminous flame vortex for 1.‎ 5 hours.‎ The impressive whirl is caused by three baffles which make the incoming air rotate and lead it towards the flame.‎ Due to thermal and the chimney effect in the glass tube, the flame becomes five times its original size without any additional energy.‎

Those who want to end this spectacle at an earlier point of time can simply put the annexed extinguisher onto the glass cylinder and wait until the flame is completely extinct.‎ Of course, Spin fulfills all necessary safety standards also for indoor use.‎

As an accessory, a rod with which Spin can be easily fixed in the ground is also available.‎ Just pinch the rod into your lawn and Spin will be the eye-catcher of any garden party and enchant your guests.‎

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