HOPPE Fittings for sliding lifting windows

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Fittings for sliding lifting windows


Window fittings


Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Brass

Make opening and closing patio doors easy with the lift/slide handles from HOPPE
With their ability to create brightly lit spaces, offer beautiful views and open living areas to the outside, even without steps, large lift/slide doors are becoming ever more popular.‎ In order to enjoy the benefits of such doors, the hardware must ensure that they are still easy to use despite their ever increasing size and weight.‎ HOPPE lift/slide door handles ensure that doors can be opened and closed safely and smoothly, without excessive physical exertion.‎ Lift/slide handles are available in a wide range of classic and modern shapes in brass, stainless steel and aluminium.‎ The branded lift/slide handles from HOPPE not only look good, but also function faultlessly thanks to their technical design.‎ The integrated ball detent technology ensures ease of use, even where heavy lift/slide door assemblies are used.‎ In addition, the accurate stop-in positions prevent mishandling.‎ And by the way, HOPPE offers a 10-year guarantee on the mechanical operation of the lift/slide door sets, as for all their door and window handles.‎

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