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Aluminium Panel for facade

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Aluminium Panel for facade



The Open Structure Façade system provides architects with an opportunity to design a cladding system that creates a visually crisp, clean and dynamic finish to a building’s facade. Traditionally built with linear panels, Open Structure Façade systems enable light and air to travel through the system whilst maintaining excellent acoustic performance.  

Why Open Structure systems ?
The aluminium panels are extremely light and the integrated support structure allows both horizontal and vertical installations. They are ideal for use in a number of applications, including ventilated panels around mechanical systems such as cooling units, in front of open staircases or against ventilated walls.

- Optimised support structure allowing a variable panel pitch.
- System projected horizontally or positioned vertically.
- Available in a wide range of colours.

- Façades and Sun Louvre system
- Self-supporting roofs
- Dome shape buildings
- Interior walls, ceilings and balconies
- Canopies
- Renovation of existing building

Colours and finishes
Hunter Douglas offers a wide choice of colours and finishes. Custom colour matching is available upon request.  Luxacote® is a unique treatment for Luxalon® Exterior Systems. Proprietary Hunter Douglas’ Luxacote® makes exterior systems extremely durable, providing colour and gloss stability, high scratch resistance, and resistance to corrosion. With Luxacote®, there is no need to recoat, which reduces maintenance costs and additional environmental impact.  
Luxacote® protects the aluminium surface from corrosion and permanently anchors the paint to the metal surface. It contains highly colour-stable pigments for optimal colour-fastness and a highly scratch- and wear-resistant surface.

The Hunter Douglas Architectural panel system 84R consists of 84 mm wide roll formed round edge panels, which can be simply clicked to the carrier system to form eye catching horizontal or vertical lines. 84R are roll formed panels made of aluminium, with smooth round edges that provide an elegant and light appearance. Depending on the chosen carrier there is an open joint between the panels, which can be closed using reverse panels or joint profiles to create a visually closed façade.

1. Made to measure from 800 mm up to 6000 mm.
2. A range of standard carriers to create different appearance.
3. Curved facades can be achieved using 84R curved panels.
4. Wide range of Luxacote® finishes.

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OPEN STRUCTURE Collection by HunterDouglas Architectural
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