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300 C/L


Metal ceiling tiles



The Hunter Douglas range of exterior metal ceilings, are specifically designed to withstand harsh conditions.‎ Attached to rigidly suspended carriers, designers can have every confidence that the ceilings are structurally sound.‎ Perfect for a range of applications, exterior metal ceilings are the perfect solution for environments such as car parks, stadiums, and providing a covered outdoor area.‎ Our range includes linear closed, linear open and open and wide panel ceilings, all of which can be created using a range of configurations.‎ Let your imagination run wild with the Hunter Douglas range of exterior metal ceiling systems.‎

Colours and finishes
Hunter Douglas offers a wide choice of colours and finishes.‎ Custom colour matching is available upon request.‎
Luxacote® is a unique treatment for Luxalon® Exterior Ceilings.‎
Proprietary Hunter Douglas’ Luxacote® makes exterior ceilings extremely durable, providing colour and gloss stability, high scratch resistance, and resistance to corrosion.‎ With Luxacote®, there is no need to recoat, which reduces maintenance costs and additional environmental impact.‎
Luxacote® protects the aluminium surface from corrosion and permanently anchors the paint to the metal surface.‎ It contains highly colour-stable pigments for optimal colour-fastness and a highly scratch- and wear-resistant surface.‎

The exterior ceilings are suitable for all building sectors: Corporate, Transport (airports, metro-, bus -, train stations), Retail, Leisure, Public spaces,  Hospitality, Healthcare, Education or Residential.‎

Luxalon® 300C/ 300L exterior wide panel ceilings enable architects to design an closed, smooth ceiling with high-performance aluminium.‎ With two joint optoins, the visual appearance can be adapted to suit any taste.‎

- Closed ceiling type in 300mm module, resulting in a closed smooth appearance.‎
- 300C panels have a 5mm bevelled edge while 300L panels deliver an even smoother design with square-edged panels
- Panels can be supplied in any length up to 6000 mm (as standard), have a thickness of 0.‎ 7mm and are made from a high-corrosion resistant aluminium alloy
- Panels are lightweight yet strong aluminium which is fully recyclable
- Panels are standard finished with the patented Luxacote® paint system
- All ceiling systems are tested for resistance to wind loads

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Exterior metal ceiling system Collection by HunterDouglas Architectural
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