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Multi Panel ceiling system


Metal ceiling tiles



Hunter Douglas offers a wide range of internal linear open ceilings.‎ Interior open linear ceilings are created using a pattern of panels and gaps between the panels to achieve interesting designs.‎ By leaving spaces between the panels, a directional and catching design can be created with the ceiling.‎ By arranging equal or different length panels in your desired configuration, a unique look can be developed that brings your vision to life.‎ In addition, a variety of looks can be achieved depending on the shape of panels you wish to use.‎  

Luxalon® Linear Open interior ceilings are available in a wide range of standard colours: simil RAL, metallized and simil wood.‎ Special colors available on request.‎

The Linear Open Ceiling System is suitable for all  wide range of building sectors including Corporate, Transport (airports, metro, bus & train stations) Retail, Leisure, Public space,  Hospitality, Healthcare, Education and Residential.‎

Mix and match the diverse B, BD and the new BXD ceiling panels by selecting varying widths.‎ Experiment with the perforated panels to optimise acoustic control and create an improved interior ambience.‎ There are 8 different panels which can all be combined on one carrier system ease of installation.‎
The BXD Ceiling panels (height 64mm) are available in three widths: 30, 80 and 130 mm which can be specified in combination with the B panels (height 15 mm), and BD panels (height 39 mm) from the Hunter Douglas Multi-Panel ceiling program.‎ This unique paring of ceiling solutions makes it possible to create highly functional and beautifully engineered three-dimensional designs.‎ The 20 mm joints can be left open or closed, in addition you can also integrate our special lighting solution Luxalon® Light Lines to add functionality and dimensional qualities that will further enhance the ceiling design.‎ The wide choice of colours available make it possible to create virtually any ceiling design you can imagine.‎

- The combination of narrow and wider panels on one carrier offers various dimensional effects
- Optimal acoustic control
- Panels can be supplied in any length up to 6000 mm (as standard)
- Panels combined with join profiles provide a visually closed ceiling
- Curved or radial designs can also be accommodated.‎
- Made out of special alloy aluminium with up to 92% recycled content

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Metal ceiling tiles Collection by HunterDouglas Architectural
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