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Metal ceiling tiles



Hunter Douglas offers a wide range of internal linear open ceilings. Interior open linear ceilings are created using a pattern of panels and gaps between the panels to achieve interesting designs. By leaving spaces between the panels, a directional and catching design can be created with the ceiling. By arranging equal or different length panels in your desired configuration, a unique look can be developed that brings your vision to life. In addition, a variety of looks can be achieved depending on the shape of panels you wish to use.  

Luxalon® Linear Open interior ceilings are available in a wide range of standard colours: simil RAL, metallized and simil wood. Special colors available on request.

The Linear Open Ceiling System is suitable for all  wide range of building sectors including Corporate, Transport (airports, metro, bus & train stations) Retail, Leisure, Public space,  Hospitality, Healthcare, Education and Residential.

The excellent thermal exchange and acoustic performance of The Luxalon® Linear Open CCA Ceiling System provides 100% acoustic ceiling coverage. This acoustic ceiling creates outstanding comfort and temperature control at levels that cannot be achieved with islands or baffle systems.
The CCA panels come in three heights: 15, 39 and 64mm which are also used in the Hunter Douglas Multi-Panel ceiling program.  The 20 mm joints are left open for an optimum thermal exchange with the concrete slab above. As a special there is a 60mm module carrier available with an open joint width of 30mm to enhance the thermal performance of the CCA panel system.

- Optimal thermal exchange
- Excellent acoustics
- 100% ceiling coverage
- Positive effect on comfort
- Made from up to 92% recycled aluminium
- 100% recyclable product

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Metal ceiling tiles Collection by HunterDouglas Architectural
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