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Sound absorbing felt ceiling tiles

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Sound absorbing felt ceiling tiles



Our HeartFelt® ceiling offers outstanding acoustics and a unique appearance, putting both comfort and aesthetics at the forefront. Our textile ceilings have sustainability at their core, and are 100% recyclable, as well as being easy to reuse. In particular, we utilise felt material to create stunning designs and fit for purpose ceilings that give outstanding acoustic and visual performance. Our HeartFelt® ceiling is the felt ceiling that had to be made, for all these reasons and more.
HeartFelt® is an innovative, patented product that turns every ceiling into a visual and acoustic playground. The felt panels are available in seven grey shades and five earth tones. The panels can be easily clipped to the carriers, at varying distances.

●Great acoustic performance
●Seven shades of grey and five earth tones to create a warm ambiance
●Easy installation and low risk for damages
●100% recyclable or easily reusable
●C2C Bronze certificate
●Easy to maintain: dirt and dust resistant

Our HeartFelt® ceiling is available in seven shades of grey, as well as five earth tones. This colour combination enables architects and designers to create a warm and soothing ambience to a rooms interior. Altering the panel height and spacing can have a major influence on both the aesthetic appearance and acoustic performance of the ceiling space. HeartFelt® panels can also be fixed to walls to create a continuous flow of textile appearance. This can add further warmth and sound absorption to a room or corridor where noise levels or an extra calming influence is required.

Textile ceilings are the ideal solution for environments where acoustic comfort is important. By altering the height of the panels and the width between the panels, the ceiling can offer the most ideal acoustic performance for the space. Acoustic comfort is particularly important in large and busy areas where noise levels can be particularly high. Felt ceilings work to reduce echo and as such, improve the acoustic comfort of the area. Failure to have an acoustic ceiling could lead to hearing damage if people are frequently exposed to the area for long periods of time.

Colour chart
Our HeartFelt® ceiling is currently available in 7 different shades of grey and 5 earth tones. This allows for a soft look and warm ambience that lends itself well to any interior area.

HeartFelt® is suitable for most building sectors: Corporate, Retail, Leisure, Public space,  Hospitality, Healthcare, Educ

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