IGV GROUP CARe Professional system for the active sanitization of the lift




Professional system for the active sanitization of the lift

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The lift car is an enclosed and small space, often without any ventilation, thus leading to potential risks in this time of emergency.‎ Car surfaces and commonly-touched surfaces such as push-button panels and handrails are especially exposed to the build-up of viruses and bacteria, and they therefore deserve special attention.‎ In addition to ensuring social distancing and using the lift only one person at a time wearing personal protective equipment, in order to avoid exposure to the risk of contagion it is also necessary to provide an antimicrobial cleaning of the lift car.‎

The role of IGV GroupIGV Group has always focused on social issues and over this Covid-19 pandemic has studied new measures to limit the contagion, with the aim of protecting end users and operators involved in the lift maintenance.‎

IGV Group Research & Development department has designed and developed a flexible and efficient solution for the active sanitization of the lift car.‎ CARe is a professional system featuring two certified technologies for the sanitization of car lifts in a few minutes.‎

The air
A mechanical ventilation device with centrifugal motor and absolute HEPA filter combined with an activated charcoal membrane carries out a continuous air sanitization and an instantaneous ventilation.‎ The air vacuumed from the lift car is channelled through flexible pipes to the device where it is filtered and purified from any virus and bacteria in the particulate, and it is then flown back into the lift car.‎

Technical specifications:
Motor: centrifugal electric
Flow volume: 1 m3/min
Pressure: 177 Pa
Power: 28 W
Voltage: 220-240 V, 50 Hz
Filter: absolute HEPA + activated charcoal
Filter capacity: ≥ 0.‎5 μm

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244 x 244 x h 180 mm, 1,5 kg

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