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Outdoor fireplace

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Healthy fire
Planika’s Lighthouse is not just a beautiful patio heater! It ionises the air, killing bacteria, germs and viruses.‎ It’s designed to utilise sterilising fire and short-wave infrared radiance to eliminate airborne pathogens, boosting your health and creating an environment that is kinder to your immune system.‎

Warm up your night!

If you want to heat your garden quickly and effectively, Lighthouse is the ideal choice for you.‎ Easy to turn on and off, the heater is the best in its class.‎ Its unique construction ensures the even heat distribution.‎ The roof is equipped with a heat deflector, emanating the heat horizontally for the maximum efficiency.‎
The portable design means  you can bring this outdoor heater anywhere you want it!

Make your evening last longer
Available in black or white, Lighthouse gives your space a very tempting and stylish look.‎ Displayed in front of a restaurant, hotel or bar, it invites people inside.‎
Glamorous pebbles make an attractive and decorative future, not only when lit.‎ The see-through glass panels ensure the 360’ flame visibility.‎

Purchasing information:
The price includes the cover

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W: 400 mm
H: 1560 mm

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