Indoor benches

The bench is a seat that combines design and practicality, it is the furnishing accessory suitable for those who want environments full of style and believe that it is the details that make a difference in the furniture. Whether it's essential and monomaterial furniture or upholstered benches, this type of seating is an indispensable element to capture the attention and give a strong sense of personality to the living environment.
In the entrance or under the stairs, at the foot of the bed or as a bathroom cabinet, choosing to insert a bench will be the best way to complete with taste our environments.

The bench between material and formal experimentation

The design of the bench is continuously revisited in a modern key and lends itself to material and stylistic experimentation to give added value to an interior design project. The modern style benches follow simple shapes on minimalist structures and are designed to adapt silently to any type of environment. The classic wooden benches are worked and finished to fit into contemporary contexts and if padded, they colour the environment with removable cushions, monochrome or patterned fabric coverings. For lovers of linear and simple shapes there are metal benches that, with the lightness typical of the material, are the models preferred by those who want to design a living area with a modern style. The presence of padding on the seat is increasingly in demand. In fact, the leather or fabric benches introduce a new level of comfort into the living area, with coverings resting on structures in wood and metal combined with precious finishes. For the nostalgic, the capitonnè benches are an excellent choice to remember that slightly retro taste that increasingly adapts to both modern and classic contexts, inserting a detail of great taste and refinement. Experiments on the expressive potential of fabrics and materials have allowed us to renew this piece of furniture, up to the design of benches with a light structure suitable for contemporary contexts. From the classic rectangular shape to the most particular circular benches, this is a multifaceted product that can adapt to many domestic contexts.

Furnishing with benches

The new living spaces require more and more practical and versatile solutions without neglecting quality design, which is why, acting both as a seat and as a support surface, the bench easily adapts to any living space, from the classic one in which respect for tradition and rustic taste converge to the modern and minimalist one in which the protagonist is the essentiality of the objects. All the domestic environments lend themselves to welcome this seat, with the essentiality that distinguishes it, that manages to suggest small places of rest to those who pass in front of it.
A bench, located in the entrance of a house, in addition to completing with personality and taste the first space intercepted by crossing the threshold of our house, allows you to sit to wear shoes before leaving. The essentiality and functionality of the bench make it possible to draw attention to places that are not always considered livable spaces in domestic interiors. Just think of a under-staircase that with the insertion of a seat turns into another compartment in which to take refuge and where to store objects if you choose to use the benches with container.
In the dining area it can always be useful to introduce a bench to be furnished with vases and ornaments for the occasion that can be transformed into a seat for large informal tables that does not give up comfort if you decide to opt for the benches with backrest where sharing and familiarity are combined with comfort.

A modular and shareable seat

Benches are versatile elements that are increasingly introduced into the furnishing of an interior space and any space for sharing. The possibility of customization given by the numerous material and formal variations and the complete freedom of composition possible with the use of modular benches allows to make a unique environment and suitable for every need. A complement able to stimulate social interaction in an environment and to contribute to the success of a contemporary furniture project with modern design models. Depending on the characteristics, it is also possible to decline its use in contexts other than domestic, such as contract.
Some, in fact, can also present themselves as benches for lounge areas and report what are the attributes required in public contexts. For example, benches with fireproof padding are certainly a solution that is well suited to private and public contexts and thanks to the many textile variants, allow you to give a touch of color to the interior.

Benches as indoor/outdoor furniture

Some benches, depending on the material of which they are composed, allow for dual indoor/outdoor use. Seats that more and more, for the care of the design lend themselves to be at the same time complement of interior design and garden benches.
The use of materials suitable for outdoor contexts and the many possible treatments allow you to transport, on hot and sunny days, our bench on the terrace and enjoy a moment of relaxation and sharing in the open air.
The benches without backrests, in particular, lend themselves to being not only usable seats but also real tops to be embellished with vases and plants for terrace and garden.
A further demonstration of how versatile this chair is but above all indispensable in the furnishing project of our home.

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