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Radiant ceiling panel

SuninS Surya high Speed Radiant Heater
The SuninS Surya ultra high temperature Radiant Heater is the first hybrid space heater, supporting a sole radiation output as well as a radiation and convection hybrid output.‎ It heats up both closed and open areas very fast.‎

Ultra high temperature radiant heater
Whereas a traditional convection heater heats up the air and a traditional heater acts as a heat beamer, the SuninS heater will combine the advantages from both products, as well as exclude their disadvantages.‎ By its use of highly efficient heat transfer and cold-heat exchange technology, this product is more energy efficient than any other radiator.‎

Powered by unidirectional heat transferring technology and air-shielding technology, the SuninS heater is using brand new electric heating technology.‎ This, in turn, is supported by the unique bio-silica layer technology.‎

Sunin S-Surya is more than a radiant heater, it’s the first hybrid heating system in the world:
Combining with both advantages from radiation and convection heat.‎
Powered by IOT sensors and logics circuits, SuninS-Surya can work in different output modes, optimized for both indoor and outdoor heating purpose.‎

SuninS-Surya is more than a space heater, it’s a platform dedicated to improve the whole living climate atmosphere.‎
With modern cutting-edge technologies to re-realize the beneficial natural solar light’s electromagnetic spectrums;
SuninS-Surya creates an unparalleled comfort, clean and healthy living climate in your home and office.‎

Like no other:
SuninS-Surya cares about energy-saving, cares more about you and the environment you’re living in.‎
SuninS-Surya not only provides rich radiant heat, but also maintains a healthy and warm indoor climate.‎
Reducing your annual heating costs is the primary service, yet, not the only one.‎

User-friendly infrared heater
The Surya heater performs a wide-angle radiation and covers up to 4.‎ 5 m (* lab data) radiation distance.‎ This radiant heater creates a comfortable atmosphere attuned to your somatosensory warming experience.‎ This product uses intelligent heat management and smart logic circuits.‎ Due to its automated space heating settings, SuninS Surya is an energy-saving way to heat up rooms.‎

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