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Glass-fibre wallpaper


Glass-fibre, Vinyl, Canvas, EQ Dekor glass-fibre

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This is the concept of Inkiostro Bianco Wallcovering Collection 2017/2018.‎ Five styles where the study of the materials take new shapes and dimensions, looking for a specific identity for any surface: floreal, geometric, artistic, classic and junior.‎
The Wallcovering Collection 2017/2018 discloses new dimensions using new materials.‎ The wallcovering moves from one surface to the other alternating art, digital graphic design and technology.‎
All the graphic can be printed on different materials: Vinyl wallpaper for walls and pieces of furniture; EQ.‎ Dekor Fiberglass for kitchens and bathrooms, spas and floorings; and Tela®, the new Taffetà fabric for scenic wall design and temporary spaces.‎

Lines and colours change the surfaces into a composition of different shapes.‎ The Geometric style of Wallcovering Collection 2017/18 breaks the rules with its geometric regularity.‎

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Further details
The revolutionary covering with protective and decorative function originates from the cooperation between Inkiostro Bianco and Mapei.
EQ•dekor is a structure of bidirectional fabric made of fibre glass with much stability, efficiency and flexibility than traditional wallpaper.
Thanks to its extraordinary wear resistance, it is suitable for the installation in rooms prone to splashes and spillage as well as heavy underfoot wear and tear , such as floors, kitchens and bathrooms.
When decoration means protection
The fibre glass by Mapei is a structural component for the construction industry and its aim is to reduce the risk of detachment in case of earthquake.
Inkiostro Bianco had the idea to print a decoration on this material. This is the birth of EQ•dekor, that, thanks to its early function, has a better wear resistance rather than the other fibre glass products on the market.
The material
EQ•dekor is a special bidirectional fabric made up of a fibre glass surface-treated with a polyurethane alkali-resistant stiffener. It must be applied in combination with a single-component water and polyurethane-based adhesive and with the finishing FINISH 58.
- Resistant to: traction, weather conditions, abrasion and scratches
- Unalterable, resistant to chemically aggressive agents of cement
- High dimensional stability
- No rust
- Light and easy to handle
- Easy to cut and to adapt to the shape of the surface
- Quick installation and application
- Odorless
- Non-yellowing
- UV-resistant
EQ•dekor is completely developed in Italy and responds to the European Union regulations regarding health and environmental safety.
Mapei provides the rolls of raw material and ensures the maximum guarantee in terms of quality.
The production takes entirely place in our factory: from the graphic design, to the print with modern digital technologies, that guarantee a precise resolution on large scale works as well. Every project is characterized by the opportunity of customization.

Collection 2017/2018 Collection by Inkiostro Bianco
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