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Multi-layer wood Decorative panel


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Multi-layer wood Decorative panel


Multi-Layer Wood

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The warmth and naturalness of wood generate undeniable well-being sensations.‎ Lineadeko, a conjugation of the wooden material
made even more precious by peculiar and refined artistic decorations, builds up a path that climbs vertically, thus reinventing the idea of wall and turning it into a furnishing element capable of creating out of the ordinary atmospheres.‎ A new concept of wall producing unique sensations.‎ Walls to be touched, lively and evocative, providing a new way of living the everyday life.‎
The innovative spirit of Inkiostro Bianco proposes a unique declination of the wooden material with a striking emotional impact.‎
Listone Giordano as technical partner in this project, is the keeper of ancient knowledge and techniques as well as a guaranteed excellence in woodworking while respecting natural resources.‎
Thanks to the harmonious perfection of Nature, the creative ability of Inkiostro Bianco and the experience and craftsmanship of Listone Giordano the collections of decorated birchwood surfaces come to life.‎ Lively surfaces take the rooms to a natural beauty to be appreciated, discovered and shared.‎
Lineadeko collection suggests a sensation of calm and relaxation in the soul of who is observing them.‎
Shapes and colours intertwine on the wooden weft of the birch surfaces.‎ Soft lines and geometries alternate and add a special touch to the atmospheres of the rooms.‎ Lineadeko is enriched by new graphic designs and combines a new size 60x60 to the boiserie panelling to create an infinite range of possible decorative combinations, which make living rooms and bathrooms irresistible.‎ This is a new decorative concept proposing an unusual application, a wallcovering on which the colour respects the naturalness of the surface by preserving the effect of birchwood and its pleasant touch.‎

lineadeko 2019 - Combined total look for the bathroom
The bathroom, an intimate space that becomes an extension of the house.‎
Lineadeko suggests a new interpretation of the concept of bathroom interior decoration.‎
Birchwood and EQ•dekor fiber glass are the ideal wallcoverings to make the bathroom cozy and unique.‎ The high resistance to humidity of the birchwood and the high-resistance technical features in contact with water of the EQ•dekor fiber glass create an integrated decorative solution for the bathroom, originating from the combination of two materials: lineadeko as wallcovering and EQ•dekor fiber glass inside the shower area for a refined, elegant and waterproof look.‎ The graphic designs and the colours harmoniously match with one another, thus proposing a total look specifically designed.‎
Fluid geometries and Seventies designs are reinterpreted from a modern point of view and overlap with the delicate birchwood texture, thus overlaying lines, patterns and light transparencies.‎

Euclideo is a birch multilayer panels.‎
Euclideo / Euclideo EQ is the recommended combination for the selected design.‎

Conduttività termica (λ): 0,18 W/(mK)
Installation: glued down
Use: Covering
Production: Silk-screen digital printing

Birch is a highly resistant material.‎ The peculiar disposition of the layers in crossed fibers makes the panels stable and non-deformable, which is perfect for wallcovering use, even in the most difficult spaces, such as bathrooms and kitchens.‎ The resistance of birch wood across the fibers is 30% higher than other types of wood and, given equal thickness, ensures a better stability.‎ It is also one of the broad-leaved trees with the quickest regrowth, for this reason it ensures a more rational use of the forest resources.‎

Further info from manufacturer on EUCLIDEO
60x60 cm | 60x120 cm
Spessore/thickness: 12,5 / 15 mm
8,3 Kg/m2
Dimensions EUCLIDEO

Lineadeko 2019 Collection by Inkiostro Bianco
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