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Pop art wallpaper


Vinyl, Nonwoven, EQ Dekor glass-fibre

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This Italian artist of Croatian background revisits the world of Diabolik in her own way, bringing Diabolik Pop Ikon to life.‎ A series of works that affect the viewer with their colours, technique, and above all with the subjects depicted in the canvases.‎ The characters are taken from the Diabolik saga that spanned over fifty years, but they are not the leading figures of the famous noir comic strip - not the King of Terror or Eva Kent.‎ Here, only the secondary characters are given a space.‎ Norma, Mascia, Jonas, and Anna Karena… are just some of the iconic faces that, in their pop function, commemorate Warhol and Lichtenstein.‎ They are enriched with hyper-contemporary nuances: materials such as flourescent powders, enamels, glitter, acrylics, and crystals, as well as painting techniques merge with the linearity of the comic.‎ This noir comic strip becomes a means by which we ask ourselves disturbing questions with equally disturbing answers about topics concerning us.‎

Only one version available.‎

VINYL PAPER: a product made of two layers.‎ An upper printable vinyl layer and a TNT (non-woven fabric) under part which ensures high dimensional stability during the application and drying phases of the product, as well as an easy to install and remove capability.‎
GLASS FIBER - EQ•DEKOR: a decorative and protective dualfunction wallpaper created in partnership with Mapei.‎ A bidirectional glass fiber reinforcement with greater stability, efficiency, extreme lightness and flexibility attributes.‎ EQ•Dekor offers high structural performances, minimizing the risk of wall parts detaching in the event of an earthquake.‎  

Material: Vinyl (V)
Width 47 cm
Material: Fiber (F)
Width 94 cm

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Collection 2014 Collection by Inkiostro Bianco
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