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Trevira® CS fabric for curtains

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Inkiostro Bianco

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Trevira® CS fabric for curtains


Glass-fibre, Vinyl, Trevira® CS

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The creative thinking by Inkiostro Bianco expands the limits of the decoration field tranforming the room into an all-encompassing experience.
The decoration preserves its leading role and converts feelings and various personalities into unique decorative element.
The twine of the fabric well represents the philosophy of the project: a decorative evolution, which is able to compose infinite possibilities of customisation on horizontal, vertical and multimaterial surfaces of any kind of room.
Within Textile Project the decoration moves from the walls to the windows, connecting the interiors with the exterior and telling ever changing and different stories that are yet to be unveiled.
The distinctive style of Nerodiseppia is inspired by art, history and Italian craftsmanship.
Their expertise in textile design gives birth to handmade drawings that feature a mix of different techniques thus conferring a unique and original character to each artwork.
Trésor collection includes some special treasures of their artistic production borrowing suggestions by nature, graphic and fine arts. All the designs are available in a vibrant color palette even customisable in infinite color options.

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Textile Project 2018 - Trésor Collection Collection by Inkiostro Bianco
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