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TAMPURA By Inkiostro Bianco


Vinyl wallpaper


Taffeta, Vinyl

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Precious surfaces like exclusive gardens where classic and harmonious golden shapes weave together in perfect déco style.‎
The decoration as a valuable element to furnish the rooms with style.‎ Precious surfaces like exclusive gardens where the frivolous beauty of the images embodies the essence of the déco style.‎ A new intriguing dimension where classic and harmonious shapes weave together forming geometries and soft figures.‎ Nature becomes the privileged space where precious rendezvous take place into exclusive landscapes animated by golden creatures and spaces.‎
Gold leaf is the refined material in gold leaf to furnish any location with sophisticated beauty.‎
All designs featured in the GoldenWall collection can be printed on gold leaf and on gold vinyl, a wallpaper embellished by a golden pigment.‎ These materials are perfect to create exclusive residential and commercial settings.‎

Vinyl wallpaper is made up by two layers: the front layer in vinyl, which is printable, and the back layer in TNT (non-woven fabric), which confers high dimensional stability during the installation and the drying procedure.‎ Also worth noting is the ease of installation and of the possible removal from the surface.‎
The vinyl wallpaper is the creative decoration for wall surfaces and furnitures.‎
The revolutionary covering with protective and decorative function originates from the cooperation between Inkiostro Bianco and Mapei.‎
EQ•Dekor is a structure of bidirectional fabric made of fiber glass with much more stability, efficiency and flexibility than traditional wallpapers.‎ EQ•Dekor is a structural component and its aim is to reduce the risk of detachment in case of eathquake.‎
Decorated glass fibre glass for floorings, bathrooms and kitchens.‎
Thanks to its extraordinary wear resistance and its waterproof features, it is suitable for the installation in wet areas, in rooms prone to splashes and spillage such as bathrooms, showers and SPA as well as heavy underfoot wear and tear such as floor and kitchens.‎
TELA® TAFFETÀ - The new covering for temporary set-ups.‎ A type of Made in Italy polyester stretched fabric with very high resistance due to the exclusive weft composition of 110 threads per inch.‎

Further info from manufacturer on TAMPURA Inkiostro Bianco
Vinile: width 68 cm
EQ•dekor – fiber glass: width 94 cm
Tela stretched fabric: width 297 cm

GoldenWall Collection 2018 Collection by Inkiostro Bianco
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