Interface® WORLD WOVEN Nylon® carpet tiles


WORLD WOVEN | Solid-color carpeting By Interface®


Nylon® carpet tiles

World Woven is a Nylon® carpet tiles.‎

Product Specifications
Product Construction: High Performance Luxury Vinyl Tile Contains 39% Pre-Consumer Recycled Content
Finish: Ceramor™ - UV Stabilised Ceramic Bead Coating
Wear Layer Thickness: (EN ISO 24340) 0.‎55 mm
Total Thickness: (EN ISO 24346) 4.‎5mm
Total Weight: (EN ISO 23997) 6880 g/m²
Backing: Sound Choice™ Acoustic Backing
Performance Specifications
Wear Classification: EN ISO 10874 33 Heavy Commercial / 42 General Light Industrial
CE Declaration of Performance: DOP PBRG-AHCK3R
UKCA Declaration of Performance: DOP PBRG-AHCK3R
Castor Chair Rating: (ISO 4918 / EN425) Pass
Flammability: (EN ISO 9239-1) Euroclass Bfl-s1 (EN 13501-1)
Light Fastness: ≥7 (ISO 105-B02)
Dimensional Stability: (ISO 23999) ≤ 0.‎25%
Curling: (ISO 23999) ≤ 2 mm
Flexibility: (EN ISO 24344) Method A - Pass.‎
Abrasion Resistance: (EN 660-2) Group T
Residual Indentation: (EN ISO 24343-1) ≤ 0.‎2 mm
Determination of Anti-Slip: (DIN 51130) R9
Pendulum Dry 4S: 36+ (BS 7976-2) Low slip potential
Chemical Resistance: (EN ISO 26987) Very Good
Impact Sound Insulation ΔLw
EN ISO 10140-3: 16 dB
Environmental Specifications
Total Recycled Content: 39%
Indoor Air Quality: French A+
Indoor Air Comfort GOLD®
M1 Emission Certification - LVT
LVT Greenguard Gold
ReUse: Can be cleaned and reused in a non-critical
Fully Recyclable
Material Composition: Free of Ortho Phthalates

As the name suggests, the World Woven Collection is influenced by textures from around the globe.‎ The designs are inspired by classic woollen textiles, such as tweeds, and come in six Skinny Planks ranges.‎
World Woven One comprises three subdued styles with increasing complexity in texture and pattern.‎ World Woven Two has three styles, which add brighter colours from the Yorkshire and Scottish countryside.‎ The variation in colour is created using different shades of 100% recycled yarn.‎

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25 x 100 cm
Wear Layer Thickness: 0.55 mm
Total Thickness: 4.5mm
Total Weight: 6880 g/m²

World Woven Collection by Interface®
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