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Stool / office stool

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Stool / office stool


Synthetic Material

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UPis1 sets your daily routine in motion. The intelligent multifunctional stool follows its owner through spontaneous conversations, workshops, meetings and brain storming sessions, keeping the user mobile and the agenda flexible.

As an active alternative to the task chair, UPis1 brings a healthy change to the desk. Taking the design a stage further, there is a grab edge located underneath the seat which allows to transport the stool with a simple hand gesture.

As a seating opportunity that is available anytime and anywhere, UPis1 turns any conversation into more than just a conversation, and without distracting from the topic. With five colour variations it is an upbeat product that seamlessly fits into any room. Additionally, thanks to the infinitely variable height adjustment it provides fuss-free seating comfort.

UPis1 effortlessly and attractively combines two approaches: motion and mobility at the work station. In doing so, it offers a flexible solution for temporary collaboration anywhere, anytime, for any occasion. At the same time UPis1 also encourages motion as a seat in itself: the rounded base allows for flexibility in all directions and erases the supposed antagonism between sitting and motion.

Simplicity, intuitive operability and clear, reduced forms allow UPis1 to fit any architectural surrounding. The eye-catching red belt strap plays the double role of height adjustment tool and characteristic design attribute, bringing the casual functionality of UPis1 to the point. UPis1 was developed by Sven von Boetticher′s award-winning design agency, ID AID.

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UPis1 - THINK!
Thought through down to the last detail, UPis1 follows the Interstuhl philosophy and combines modern seating with efficiency and applied sustainability: The multifunctional stool is made from 50% recycled materials. No composites or bonding agents were used in its manufacture. UPis1 offers quality and longevity. This is reflected in the 10-year manufacturer guarantee.
H. 450 - 630 mm

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