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Microverlay® is an innovative design surface of extremely reduced thickness, only 3 millimeters, and of extraordinary esthetic result.‎

It allows creating splendid continuous surfaces for an exciting and impeccable visual effect.‎ Microverlay® walls and flooring are all one piece, absolutely without any joints.‎
Microverlay®is a finishing with very resistant, impermeable concrete base, simple to use and strongly adhesive.‎ It can be quickly applied on concrete, concrete, masonry, drywall and also on ceramic, wood, glass, plastic and tile without the need to remove them.‎
Not only for minimal and modern environments, Microverlay®walls or flooring blend perfectly with any architectural style and also allow creating attractive decorative classic, country or rustic finishings.‎ The possibilities for personalization of this innovative material is incredible.‎ With Microverlay® there is no limit to the imagination: you can choose from an infinite range of colors, shades and effects, such as polished, acid-treated and Nuvolato finishing.‎ Microverlay® makes every space unique and wonderful.‎
Microverlay® walls and floors are also easier to clean because, being all one piece, they have no openings where the soil can accumulate.‎

Fields of application of Microverlay®
Microverlay® can be applied on horizontal and vertical surfaces, inside and outside private residences, lofts, public sites, shops and showrooms, restaurants, discotheques, pubs, hotels, shopping centers, and exposition and trade show pavilions.‎ It allows finishing stairs, bathrooms, box shower, accessories, counters and kitchen countertops.‎

1.‎ The concrete or tile surface is previously polished.‎
2.‎ Application of 2 hands of VAPOR BARRIER with mesh fiberglass.‎
3.‎ Application of 2 hands of MICROVERLAY® BASE or MEDIUM with intermediate sanding and cleaning.‎
4.‎ Application of 2 hands of MICROVERLAY® FINISH with intermediate sanding and cleaning.‎
5.‎ Application of the protective sealer PLAM POL gloss/matt or PLAM POL WATER gloss/matt and subsequently IPM METALLIC WAX or PLAM POLY WAX.‎

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