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Industrial concrete


Cement, Quartz

Isoplam® industrial concrete flooring is a technological solution that blends the beauty of concrete flooring with exceptional resistance, ease of maintenance and cleaning.‎

The range of Isoplam® products includes:
Isoplam Pavilux® Macrodur industrial flooring with Italian quartz,
Isoplam Pavilux® Extra industrial flooring with Italian quartz of larger particle sizes,
Isoplam Pavilux® Crystalquarz industrial flooring with spheroidal German quartz,
Isoplam Pavilux® Corundum D9 industrial flooring with natural corundum,
Isoplam Pavilux® Acciaio industrial flooring with stainless steel and spheroidal German quartz.‎
According to the various requirements for the industrial floors it is possible to choose the desired characteristics of resistance and hardness.‎ It is possible to make high performance floors with spheroidal german quarz and corundum, with a high resistance to rolling friction and to impact, or the spheroidal german quarz and steel for no sparking floor therefore to prevent fires, in case of accidental drop of iron materials.‎ The industrial concrete flooring is made with hardener over the fresh concrete, smoothing the surface by power or hand trowels.‎ By choosing the broomed finish, it is also possible to make water proof and anti-skid outdoor floors.‎
Fields of application of industrial flooring
Pavilux® Isoplam® may be used to make residential, commercial and industrial floors: parking lots, squares, alleys, sidewalks, driveway, ramps, seaports, airports, shopping malls and logistics centers.‎

1.‎ Formwork setting and placement of nylon, membrane DPM and steel reinforcement.‎
2.‎ Laying of the concrete containing COLDPAV or HOTPAV additive and Isoplam® PLAM FIBRE.‎
3.‎ Application of PAVILUX® colored hardener in 2 or 3 coatings.‎
4.‎ Smoothing of the surface with Isoplam® power trowel and washing with cleansers and specific tools.‎
5.‎ Application of the protective resin PLAM SEALING.‎

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