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Stamped concrete



Plam Hardening Isoplam® is a surface in single concrete piece personalizable with fine decorative effects.‎

The stamped concrete floor is printed with appropriate rubber molds that give life to decorations in artificial stone, false brick, imitation wood, and faux mosaics, rosettes and borders.‎
The final result of stamped concrete is of great esthetic effect, with decorated surfaces that perfectly reproduce the beauty of traditional finishings, and superior performance.‎ Stamped concrete floor is very durable, resistant to time, wear and passage even of heavy vehicles.‎
Stamped concrete floor is made in a single piece, without seams.‎ It is easier to clean and presents no weak points where the water can infiltrate or where moss and weeds can grow.‎ It is also possible to use special protective resins that make flooring and stamped concrete impervious to absorption of oil, grease, mold, and dust.‎
Isoplam® stamped concrete is simple and fast to apply and allows significant savings of time, costs and labor compared to traditional stone or tile floors.‎ Stamped concrete floor requires no structural screed or containment form.‎ Once the subflooring is prepared, it is possible to apply the concrete directly.‎
Isoplam® stamped concrete offers great personalization.‎ It is possible to choose from a practically infinite range of colors, gradations and effects, to make a truly unique decorative surface.‎

Fields of application of stamped concrete
Stamped concrete is the ideal solution for roads, squares, cycling paths, sidewalks, pedestrian areas, porticoes, garage access ramps, floors of shopping centers, hotel, camp grounds and amusement parks.‎

1.‎ Formwork setting and placement of steel reinforcement.‎
2.‎ Concrete pose with COLDPAV or with HOTPAV and with PLAM FIBRE Isoplam®.‎
3.‎ Application of colored PLAM HARDENING in 2 or 3 applications and smoothing of the surface.‎
4.‎ Application of the colored releasing agent PLAM RELE.‎
5.‎ Imprinting and finishing using Isoplam® tools and cleansing of the floor with Isoplam® detergents and equipments.‎
6.‎ Application of protective PLAM SEALING/L or PLAM SEALING/S.‎

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