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Italcementi I.IDRO DRAIN Draining concrete Outdoor continous flooring


I.IDRO DRAIN By Italcementi


Draining concrete Outdoor continous flooring

i.‎idro DRAIN is an innovative concrete formulation capable of draining water.‎
Thanks to a specially formulated mix, i.‎idro DRAIN combines the strength of a concrete pavement with a drainage capacity 100 times greater than the one of natural soil.‎
As demonstrated through comparative tests performed by the Politecnico di Milano, the excellent drainage capacity of i.‎idro DRAIN equals or even exceeds the one of naturally-available loose materials like sand, clay and silt, as well as traditional waterdraining asphalt pavements.‎
i.‎idro DRAIN’s drainage capacity varies as a function of the particle size distribution adopted for its formulation.‎
The presence of voids, which may vary from 15% to 25%, ensures flow rates from 200 l/m2/min to over 1000 l/m2/min.‎
Thanks to its sustainability characteristics, i.‎idro DRAIN can contribute to earning LEED points.‎

More nature, less pollution
i.‎idro DRAIN returns rain and stormwater to the ground thus replenishing aquifers and allowing water conveyance through special sub-service drain pipes.‎
Unlike draining asphalt concrete pavements, i.‎idro DRAIN contains neither oils nor other polluting agents that might flow into nearby streams, lakes, rivers, or seas.‎

Better micro-climate, greater comfort
Exploiting albedo, i.‎e.‎ the reflecting power of a light-coloured surface, combined with greater air circulation, i.‎idro DRAIN can help reduce the surface temperature by up to 30°C compared to asphalt pavements, thus ensuring greater urban comfort (heat island effects).‎

Less risk, more safety
As compared to an asphalt pavement, i.‎idro DRAIN can resist fire and is specially suited for areas subject to fire hazards.‎ i.‎idro DRAIN makes circulation for both pedestrians and vehicles safer as it lowers hydroplaning and ice-skidding risks by promoting stormwater flow and reducing runoff.‎

Less cost, longer life
i.‎idro DRAIN allows reducing cost of stormwater treatment as well as sewage system and pavement surface maintenance.‎
In addition to keeping its aesthetic as well as physical and chemical properties unchanged over time, i.‎idro DRAIN can also prevent such commonly recurring surface deterioration phenomena as channels or ruts, corrugations and shoving.‎

Any pavement made with i.‎idro DRAIN can be custom-made by adding natural pigments that give the mix a smooth homogeneous colour.‎

Even more sustainable
i.‎idro DRAIN today is one of the most environmentally sustainable products in the construction market.‎
Like other Italcementi Group products, i.‎idro DRAIN can be formulated with TX Active®, the innovative photocatalytic principle for cement-based products, developed and patended by Italcementi Group.‎
The resulting product, i.‎active DRAIN, is capable of providing pavements with draining, “smog-eating” and desoiling performance.‎

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