Antibacterial porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles with metal effect


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Antibacterial porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles with metal effect


Porcelain stoneware

Product code

1,2 cm Naturale/Matte: ML03XXA12 (Available in: Matte not rectified)
0,6 cm Naturale/Matte: ML03XXA

A pure, perfect and unalterable material, Italstone porcelain stoneware is the advanced synthesis of ceramic technology and culture.‎ It ensures the best technical performance and provides the advantage of extremely highresolution graphics for an endless range of solutions.‎
The collection of surfaces with thicknesses 1,2 and 0,6 cm is designed to offer the possibility of creating environments and accessories in harmony with floors and walls.‎ From the timeless marble, available with natural and lapped surface, to the contemporary feel of cement, for a fashionable, exclusive and refined total look.‎ In a constantly evolving world, a porcelain stoneware solution remains a choice of sheer quality for outdoors.‎ In creating ventilated walls, floors and outdoors coverings, porcelain stoneware ensures the utmost resistance to the elements and urban pollution.‎
Italstone slabs resist at all temperatures, shocks, to scratches and abrasions, to acids and molds.‎ They are hygienic and anabsorbent because they are not porous.‎Made with natural raw materials, Italstone slabs resist everything, including time and changing fashions.‎  

Further info from manufacturer on IRON ITALSTONE
160 x 320 x 1,2 cm
160 x 320 x 0,6 cm
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