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Handmade rectangular rug

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Handmade rectangular rug

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Another rural life collection, Kadava takes a look at one of the most rudimentary elements in village life. The Gujarati word, Kadava, is translated to mud in English and it’s an abundant resource used for traditional construction. Mud by itself is nothing special, however, when hand-sculpted and heated, and mixed with the ever-useful gobar (dung), its capacity as a medium for both architecture and art becomes exponential. As a building tool, it’s strong and temperate, keeping the home cool. As art, the mixture can turn into a natural plaster, moldable into the personal tastes of its artisan.
Design: This rug collection used the meticulously sculpted but aging, wind-swept outer mud walls that were photographed in villages, specifically in Gujarat. The simple wave designs when mixed with natural tones led to an extraterrestrial surface motif.
Sustainability: Through financial empowerment, proper training, and a constantly available support system, Jaipur Rugs ensures that the sustainability of hand-knotting is kept alive for both present individuals and generations to come.

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