Jover+Valls REPOSE Tanned leather and steel chair with armrests


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REPOSE | Chair By Jover+Valls


Tanned leather and steel chair with armrests

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Repose is a tanned leather and steel chair with armrests.‎ Craftsmanship in metalworking is combined with state-of-the-art technology to produce precision furniture.‎ Carbon steel plates and rods produced at Jover+Valls factories.‎ After casting the different elements into the desired shapes, they go through a manual process that gives them their final metallic finish.‎ The steel frames go through four stages: hand polishing, nickel-plating, electroplating and lacquering, which give them a unique feel.‎ Vegetable-tanned and tumbled Spanish bovine hides and skins: this traditional method of tanning hides and skins is a technique based on natural tannins obtained from vegetable barks or fabrics.‎ The tumbling process and the use of natural oils and fats give the leather a distinctive flexibility and texture that age well.‎ All hides are carefully selected, with a minimum thickness of 3.‎2 mm/13 in, using the rump part of the animal, which allows for larger, more uniform pieces.‎ Available leather colours are black, navy blue, dark brown, cognac and natural tobacco.‎ Polished and plated steel finishes are available in matt aged brass, smoky black and old silver.‎ Customers can choose between different metal finishes and the best leather qualities and colours and create a customised product.‎

Revisiting the director’s chair, where the simplicity of the metal frame is balanced by rich leatherwork.‎ Serene pieces where exclusivity and precision are shown in small details such as the hand-turned metal nuts and bolts that fix the leather surfaces or handpainted leather edges, that go unnoticed at first sight.‎

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58 x 47 x H 86 cm Hs 45 cm
33,5 x 18,5 x H 33,8 in Hs 17,7 in

Repose Collection by Jover+Valls
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