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F 50


KNX compact room controller

The new KNX F 50 compact room controller quickly shows you everything it can do.‎ It has a choice of four options for determining the room temperature alone: through the built-in temperature sensor for a start; then through the temperature sensor of a connected extension module; thirdly, through an optionally connected remote sensor; and finally, through the temperature sensor of any other KNX device via a 2-byte float message.‎ Moreover, the actual temperature may be obtained from a combination of the named sources shown on the display of the room controller.‎

Temperature control in parallel in two rooms

The F 50 room controller provides exclusive performance in terms of function extension.‎ With its two integrated temperature regulators, the device is able to control the temperature in two rooms in parallel.‎ Firstly in the location where the compact room controller has been installed and also, with the aid of a connected extension module, to an adjoining room – the hallway perhaps.‎ Connection to extension modules can be realised in a flexible way.‎ This enables functions to be extended simply, quickly and inexpensively.‎ As the extension modules can be installed at a distance of up to 30 metres, there is unlimited availability of all the KNX functions also (for example) in the room next door.‎ This includes an independent temperature control.‎

Convenient operation through well-thought-out device technology
This new JUNG device also scores well through its intuitive ease of operation.‎ A convincing example of this is its large back-lit liquid crystal display.‎ The most important values and functions are presented on the display, which can be read easily from any angle.‎ The user also has the option to individually select the key symbols that correspond with each function during the programming phase.‎ The allocation of functions can be further improved with keys labelled with the Graphic Tool.‎ The same applies for the RGB status LEDs.‎ All the keys of the room controller can alternatively be assigned with push-button sensor or regulator functions.‎

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