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Aluminium sliding window


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KELLER minimal windows®4+ highline


Aluminium sliding window



The minimal windows®4+ highline concept features striking sleek elegance and unique façade configurations.‎ Clear, precise lines dominate while the glass surfaces are open and inviting.‎ Architectural forms create a strong look and offer an unimpeded view.‎ The open architecture allows occupants to focus on the space.‎
This floor-to-ceiling premium glass façade comprises highly-insulating triple glazing.‎ The flush- or offset surfaces of the glass façade correspond to energy-efficiency requirements in the low energy and passive house standard.‎

Further info from manufacturer on KELLER minimal windows®4+ highline
Further details
Design features
• Complete integration of the all-round, thermally isolated frame profiles into the floor, wall and ceiling is possible.
• Barrier-free floor area, manufacturable without threshold, system configuration in 2 tracks.
• Mitred, all-round outer frame provided with 34 mm insulation bars per track with screwed corner connectors. Leaves are structurally glued to the glass all round.
• Self-centring, dual-track, stainless steel castors integrated in the leaf and guided by high-alloyed, dual-track, thermally isolated, stainless steel running rails of the lower outer frame profile.
• Substructure with PVC hollow-chamber drainage integrated in the system for support of the weight and controlled drainage in a downward direction. Substructure profile with holding groove for EPDM film connection.
• Manual 2-point bar locking integrated as standard in the sliding leaf.
• Locking position(s) freely selectable in the grip and junction profile of the sliding leaf.
• Stability of the sliding system tested under extreme wind loads with a nominal load of 2,000 Pa (approx. 200 km/h) and a peak load of 3,000 Pa (approx. 250 km/h; with brief gusts of wind) in accordance with EN12210 and the classification C5.
System variants (depending on static requirements)
Type 1: Glass-To-Glass
Flush-mounted without posts
Vertical 10 mm butt joint with SG bonding

Type 2: Semi-SG (Semi-Structural Glazing)
Flush-mounted with 22 mm posts, inside
Selection of different post installation depths
Vertical 20 mm butt joint, outside
Use of U fixation profiles in the vertical space between the panes

Type 3: Cover Cap Look
Flush-mounted with 34 mm posts, inside
Selection of different post installation depths
Exterior covers in various designs
No use of U fixation profiles in the vertical space between the panes

Type 4: Shifted Glass
Recessed with 26 / 34 mm junction profiles
Fixed lights bonded with U-profiles
Symmetrical external view with alternating fields in 2 tracks
Profile geometries
Facing width of the vertical leaf profiles: 26 mm (34 mm)
Height of the outer frame: 60 mm and 80 mm, concealed installation possible
Depth of the outer frame: 174 mm for 2 tracks
Base point construction under FFL: approx. 90 mm
Performance values
Maximum size per leaf: 12 m² (fixed fields up to 18 m²)
Maximum weight per sliding leaf: 1,000 kg
Maximum overall height: 4.50 m
Maximum glass thickness: 56 mm (triple insulation glazing, Heat Mirror®, special glass types)
Attainable Uw values
Uw ≥ 0,70 W/m²K (depending on the element size, Ug value, Ø value and installation situation)
2-point locking: WK2 / RC2
• E-drives with toothed belts for a leaf weight up to 1,000 kg, automatic locking, concealed installation.
• Electromechanical locking for manually actuated systems, manually by pushbutton and / or remote control.
• Integrated opening monitoring (VDS-tested) / locking monitoring.
• All electric components can be networked with commercially available home automation systems.
• Locking via profile cylinder.
• Partition wall connections if post profiles are used.
• Integration of open corner solutions.
• Fall-protection glazing in front of the opening sliding leaf in multi-storey buildings.
• Manual trickle vent positioning of 20 and 40 mm of the sliding leaf.
• System drainage in drainage channel with stainless steel cover.
• Insect and sun protection systems integrated.

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