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Grey water unit


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AQUALIFT F BASIC | Grey water unit By Kessel


Grey water unit

The Aqualift F Basic lifting station is the latest model in our quality lifting station series.‎ It has been developed to satisfy all of the requirements of modern sewage technology, though at the same time takes into account profitability and efficiency for the user.‎
Our result is a lifting station that can handle any job in private households with its powerful pump.‎ Designed for handling wastewater from drainage fixtures such as toilets, showers or sinks.‎ The flexible connection options on three different sides of the tank means that it can be installed with minimum space requirements and easily.‎ The included control unit ensures continuous monitoring and a safe control of the lifting station.‎
The Aqualift F Basic is the new standard and economic solution for wastewater disposal made in Germany !

Professional advantages:

- Reliable
Powerful, tough pump that is safe to run dry with non-chokable impeller ensures a reliable operation of the station.‎
- Exact
Large float switch with high buoyancy and 3 positions (ON/OFF/ALARM) for fail-safe and precise pump control.‎
- Flexible
Three prefabricated inlet connections (vertical and horizontal) ensure flexibility when connecting the drain pipes.‎ An additional area in the back allows further connections up to Ø 110 mm at any position.‎
Vent device
To drain the pressure line prior to maintenance work.‎

Further info from manufacturer on AQUALIFT F BASIC | Grey water unit Kessel

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