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Kids bedroom

”A children’s bedroom that needs to be tidied up is a life to be built.”(Daniel Pennac)
To design and furnish children’s bedroom is probably the most amusing and exciting moment when furnishing the house. This magical place where your kids will grow up into is a sacred place to be carefully and playfully organized! We can imagine joyful, colorful, safe and flexible places for our kids. A fundamental thing to keep in mind is what to choose to furnish the room and the versatility of the furniture because it has to change according to children’s age. The market offers countless combinations and solutions to satisfy all needs, tastes, pockets and spaces. The choice of the principal pieces of furniture is essential. A cradle will be necessary only for the first months of the child’s life. It will be replaced by a more spacious and comfortable cot. The cots are very cushy and convenient and thanks to their adjustable and removable sides they are safe and flexible in time. Removing one or more sides, this bed will suit your kid’s needs until school age.
Don’t forget the kids storage chests! Children need lots of stuff: rompers, baby clothes, blankets so you also need to choose carefully the kids wardrobes and the kids chest of drawers.The changing tables are very useful to change diapers comfortably and to have everything handy (diapers, wipes, creams,…) choose a model with drawers so to optimize its use.
The colors of the walls and the furniture should be neutral or pale, in pastel tones. This way you’ll create a bright ambiance and above all a relaxing space kids will love!

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