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Kids' bedroom sets

With the arrival of a child, one of the things you have to think about is how to equip his room. There are many solutions and brand proposals for children's bedrooms, many styles, models, finishes, and for the choice is good to be guided first of all by their tastes, without neglecting the quality and safety of materials and finishes. Since the furniture in a child's room is intended for children, it is certainly advisable to choose furniture made of natural materials and with non-toxic finishes, and to prefer a design with soft lines, designed especially for children, where not only the edges are rounded for safety reasons, but also where the overall atmosphere is welcoming and reassuring.

How to choose the furniture for your bedroom?

A child's bedroom is destined to change and evolve over time as the child grows and his needs change, so choosing flexible and modular solutions is always a wise decision. For children, the furniture will have rounded edges to avoid unpleasant accidents during the first steps, while as regards the colors to be used, both on the walls and on the furniture, especially when the child is very small, it is better to prefer colors from soft colors and pastel tones with complements and decorative elements that recall the natural world and fairytale, with color games tone on tone and a palette of delicate shades. To complete the furniture can not miss accessories and decorations for children, such as wall stickers or even wallpaper suitable for children, as well as of course toys and possibly carpets, pillows or poufs.

Equipping an infant's room

When the baby is a newborn, and up to about six months of age, will sleep in a cradle, a furniture that must have certain dimensional characteristics and must meet strict safety standards to protect the sleep of newborns. Many parents, at least for the very first periods, prefer to keep the cot in their bedroom, to have more control of the newborn and facilitate breastfeeding at night, but there are many pediatricians who suggest moving the child in his room after the first year of age. The baby's bedroom is also completed with a changing table and a small wardrobe or a chest of drawers for storing clothes and the necessary for changing.

How to transform your room in time

Generally after the first year of age of the child, the cradle is replaced by a cot, possibly with a removable sideboard for the first time, to then switch permanently to the single bed, and the furniture of the bedroom is enriched with various containers, to store all the toys, a library to begin to cultivate the pleasure of reading and even the closet will be enlarged, to accommodate larger and larger clothing. At school age, the child will also need a desk and a chair: you can opt for a model initially small and then switch to a traditional desk, or choose a model with adjustable height that can grow with the child.
When we think about teenagers, the needs begin to become different: the space for the game must be reduced, unlike the space for study and books that will necessarily grow. The desk and lighting should be suitable to accommodate a computer for example, while in the room would be perfect an armchair or poufs to accommodate friends. To equip and enrich the room with complements and accessories in order to make it as welcoming as possible, we must take into account the passions of the adolescent: is he a sportsman or prefers reading? Does he play a musical instrument or does he like to paint? Does he love animals or does he collect buildings? The room will become their refuge, so it is good to ask especially the boys and ask them for their cooperation in furnishing it.

Space-saving solutions: bunk beds, bridge beds or mezzanine beds

If the room is not large, it may not be easy to place all the necessary furniture, and companies meet these needs by offering various space-saving solutions: very comfortable are the bedrooms on the mezzanine, where the bed or study area are arranged on a raised area, reached by comfortable stairs, or the bedrooms on a bridge, where some of the storage elements of the closet are placed on a bridge above the bed, fixed to the wall, to gain useful space to devote instead to the game or the study area.
In the case of two or more children, the bedroom will necessarily have to accommodate more beds and this is easily achieved thanks to solutions with pull-out bed, where the second or third bed is extracted if necessary and placed next to the main bed, while during the day is hidden inside a chest of drawers hidden under the main bed. A more classic solution is that of bunk beds, in which the space in height is exploited and two beds are always available, occupying the space of only one, in which the upper bed can be reached with a comfortable ladder, which in some configurations is made in such a way as to accommodate comfortable storage drawers.

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