Kids' bedroom sets

The most amusing part of house designing must be children’s bedroom design. Forms, colors and prevailing themes decorate basic furniture in the sleeping area and transform it into a relax, study and play area. Designing children’s' bedroom isn't a real challenge but you must be careful because you want to add some flexibility considering how children’s needs change over the years. On Archiproducts you can discover which model makes your ideas come true!

First, you need to measure up all the available space and calculate the amount of space the essential pieces of furniture would take: bed, wardrobe, desk and chair for the study area. For a single room of about 9 sq. m. a single bed, a two door wardrobe, a desk and a swivel chair would be fine. For a double bedroom (minimum area 12 sq. m.) instead, two single beds, two 120cm wardrobe modules, a large desk capable of hosting two chairs side by side should do it. If you have a room big enough we recommend having a drawer chest, a bookshelf and a playing area where you can add a toys’ chest and a carpet to let the kids play freely and safely. Thanks to the several modular bedrooms furniture companies provide, you can create your space satisfying whatever needs. Keep an eye on the quality of the furniture you choose, though! You want the bedroom to be safe: we recommend you choose furniture made of natural materials such as eco-friendly treated, formaldehyde free wood. Not only wood is a natural material, but it is also an inexpensive choice because it lasts longer in time even if it would come at an initial higher cost. Also, check materials’ durability: hinges, doors and bed sides. Protect sharp edges with corner bumpers for kids safety.

Combinations are infinite and the furniture makers let their fantasy run when it comes to create complex yet extremely functional combinations. Take Loft Kids’ bedroom sets for example. They come with a higher part accessible by a ladder which can be used either as a study area or as a sleeping area. The space under the mezzanine can be used as play area, a study area or you can just place another bed or a sofa.
The Kids’ bedroom sets with bridge wardrobe instead let you increase the storage space. The wardrobes are designed to extend horizontally over the bed other than having the classic vertical modules. This model would give you more space and you’ll furnish the whole wall. If you need to have several beds in a small room you might want to choose kids’ bedroom sets with bunk beds so to use all the height and you can have two beds in the space of one.
Another interesting space saving solution are kids bedroom sets with pull-out bed. In this case the second bed can be pulled out like a drawer and placed sideways the principal one. By doing so, the space will be occupied only at night while the second bed will be pushed under the principal one during the day thus obtaining a lot more usable space.

Each bedroom has its specific equipment, themes and colors for your children to choose! The baby’s rooms for example, would have a cot or a children’s bed, a two door wardrobe, a drawer chest with changing table. If you have enough space, it would be a good idea to add an armchair or a chair for the breastfeeding. You may want to choose subtle colors to help the baby fall asleep and not too flashy decorations. You should avoid rugs and carpets for allergy risks. We recommend using nontoxic paint for the walls but you can be creative with stencils and wall stickers. The kids’ bedroom sets for boys can be in a relaxing baby blue or in a more lively hue such as green or yellow. By adding the right accessories recalling cartoons or sports themes you’ll make the bedroom a boy’s magic and fun place. The kids’ bedroom sets for girls instead will be in pink and lilac tones if your little girl is the romantic type or in red, magenta or orange for a more energetic ambiance. ... More ... less
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