Kids pillows

“Under the blanket and on the pillow / may your sleep be mellow / a little bit of stretching and it’s already morning / sweet dreams and sleep tight / nighty night!” (Anonymous)
You can start using kids’ pillows after a few months from their birth. For the first months just lay the baby on a flat surface to avoid choking and the terrible SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). After the first few months you can choose an nontoxic, anti-allergic anti-choking cradle pillow such as the anti-mite kids’ pillow. Use cotton pillow cases so that the baby’s skin is in contact with a breathable material. As the baby grows up you may notice them resting their head on a stuffed toy or on their older brother’s/sister’s pillow. If that happens, you may want to give them a thicker pillow. A thicker pillow is very useful when the baby’s got a cold or cough. An higher position of the head helps them breathe better! ... More ... less
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