kinema MYKINEMA | Office stool with 5-Spoke base

Ergonomic Swivel fabric office stool with 5-Spoke base


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MYKINEMA | Office stool with 5-Spoke base


Ergonomic Swivel fabric office stool with 5-Spoke base




The kinema® active chair combines high funtionality with modern design and dynamic comfort.‎ Its functional objective design and ergonomic concept is suitable for both height-adjustable work and conference tables and makes space for good work.‎
Unlike the simple rotary feature of a normal swivel chair – the kinema® active chair enables active sitting in vertical movement.‎ While working from the kinema® active chair, office people will experience a new and healthier working condition, beneficial for body, mind and spirit while raising productivity.‎
A real revolution of behavioral and work space ergonomics.‎
Reconsidering the idea of working - Made in Germany.‎

Neither permanent standing nor permanent sitting is the perfect posture at the workplace.‎ Instead, the kinema® active chair‘s balanced stand-and-seat support dynamics contribute to improving physical well-being, thereby increasing concentration and absorption capacity.‎
With just two control units and simple operation, the kinema® active chair can be used stepless and versatile in the range from 17,32 inches to 30,32 inches.‎
This offers more than just sitting or standing at height-adjustable tables.‎ Users receive necessary and flexible freedom of individual movement at the workplace.‎

The newly developed mechanics make a recommended, dynamically adjusted alternation of seat inclination and pelvis position from -8 to +4° possible.‎ This open sitting functionality promoting pelvis tilting which is supported by the straightforward design; it keeps the spine constantly in accordance to the seat inclination in a healthy physiological posture.‎
While in elevated or stand-up sitting position ones limbs auto-matically take on an open angular position, joints will be relieved, pressure on lumbar vertebrae reduced and blood flow stimu-lated.‎ Starting at a height of 28,15 inches the user's own weight weighs down vertically on the system and a stop mechanism will be released to brake the swivel chairs castors.‎

Technical specification
seat 16,54 x 12,99 inches (seat width x seat depth)
back rest with lumbar support 16,54 x 7,48 inches (width x height)
stand-up seat 16,54 x 8,66 inches (seat width x seat depth)
adjustable height for sitting / stand-up sitting 17,32 - 30.‎ 32 inches
dynamically, spring damped seat inclination from -8° to +4°
vertical minimum weight to trigger stop mechanism 77 lbs
maximum capacity 242.‎ 5 lbs

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