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Kitchen accessories

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in a house. It is therefore necessary to efficiently organize the space and to endow it with functional accessories and kitchenware. Kitchen accessories contribute to efficiently plan the space and decorate it with a mixture of materials, shapes and colors. Bar carts, kitchen shelves dividers, pull-out baskets and the most ordinary draining rack, are all paramount to get the space organized to a maximum level of detail. If there is a need to optimize the space, compact and resistant kitchen accessories are to be valued, as they serve the double function of decorating while keeping the space tidy, thanks to versatile design elements.

Tidiness in the kitchen: kitchen accessories to get the space organized

Tidiness is extremely important in a kitchen: a wrong arrangement of the objects can give the impression of a chaotic space where it is hard to maneuver. It’s possible to opt for open shelves and racks or for cabinets in a way to arrange objects in a way to expand the kitchen counter space. A kitchen needs to be equipped with all the utensils that are fundamental to cook with comfort and safety. This is only possible when disposing of the appropriate kitchenware, arranged in an optimal manner. A perfect solution is to position utensils right next to the main appliances, in order to save time and take advantage of a well organized space. The most used kitchen organizers ought to be hanged at the proper height, making sure they do not fall and they are easily reachable. Another way to keep cutlery, plates and glasses tidy is to use pull-out baskets, a specific type of kitchen organizer serving as useful shelves to place the various objects.

Go creative when furnishing your kitchen

Kitchen components and accessories are exactly what sets the mood of kitchen furniture style, through products design offering interesting combinations of shapes and materials. Kitchen accessories allow to make wise arrangements, by placing utensils in drawers and keeping on display only those tools needed for daily use. If those components are already pretty convenient in spacious kitchens, they become a must in small ones. If you have a lot of square feet at your disposal you can even opt for a worktop with peninsula, equipped with footstools. Alternatively, this could be a mistake if the space is quite limited. When furnishing a small kitchen, the first thing to do is to give up the unnecessary; suspended cabinets and etageres are to be preferred to sideboards and dressers. A practical idea is to give your kitchen a mobile countertop, such as a kitchen trolley, to be moved when needed.

Furnishing complements for linear kitchens, angular kitchens and kitchens with island

When furnishing a kitchen it is fundamental to keep in mind all possible aesthetic and functional variables. The most appreciated kitchen models are three: linear kitchens, angular kitchens and kitchens with island. When furnishing a linear kitchen, cupboards and appliances should form one block, with a horizontal extension. From an aesthetic point of view, such a composition acquires visual lightness when installed in large-size kitchens. However, it turns out to be also particularly recommended for compact kitchens or kitchen-integrated living areas.

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