Kitchen appliances

Kitchen appliances are divided into large appliances (such as refrigerator, dishwasher, kitchen hood, cooking hob and oven), which are bulkier and must necessarily have a dedicate dspace inside the kitchen or can be built-in, and small appliances (such as the microwave oven, coffee machine, blender, etc.) which can be freely positioned and easily moved and even stored inside the kitchen cabinets so as to optimize the space and keep everything tide up.

Large and small kitchen appliances: freestanding or built-in?

A further distinction is to be made between freestanding and built-in appliances. Freestanding appliances can be placed freely and moved thanks to their individual body. Built-in appliances, on the other hand, feature an exterior support and must be installed in the dedicated sections inside the furniture and the kitchen top. The latter category certainly encompasses large appliances such as the cooking hob, oven, dishwasher and at times the refrigerator; however more modern kitchens can also include dedicated modules for small-size appliances such as microwave ovens, wine cellars and even coffee machines.

The cooking area: stainless steel and black

In spite of them being most of the times built-in, some appliances can always be in sight. This is why the choice of style and finishes can be decisive for the positive outcome of a good kitchen furniture project. This is the case of the cooking hob that takes up a large portion of the kitchen top. If gas-powered, hobs can take the classic layout with stainless steel hob and cast-iron burners, although, today there are also very elegant flush-top models on the market; if electrically-powered or induction, hobs will almost certainly be black with a shiny, mirrored surface. The oven is usually positioned under the hob or inside a high unit of the kitchen. Also in this case, the finishes range from stainless steel, polished or brushed, to glossy black, with more or less obscured glass. Ovens can be of the traditional type, but today microwave and steam ovens are also very popular, as they allow even more healthy cooking. To complete the cooking area, a kitchen hood must therefore be provided. If until a few years ago this appliance was often hidden inside a dedicated unit and was barely visible above the hob, today the trend is to make the hood the protagonist of the environment. It is an indispensable element to allow a correct aspiration of odors and keep the air clean. The most modern ones are technologically-wise highly advanced and many designers are taking care of designing hoods that become real furnishing items, with minimal or very unusual shapes, neutral or vibrant colors.

A refrigerator to furnish the space

Most of the times the refrigerator is positioned either as a stand-alone element or next to the kitchen. This makes that also the fridge can become a furnishing complement, available in a variety of shapes, colors and finishes suitable to enhance and furniture style. Those who fancy a minimalist style can consider a built-in refrigerator. This is normally concealed beyond a door of the kitchen, although it is increasingly common to see fridges with drawers that can be positioned in the low part of the kitchen and recall the style of professional kitchens.

Small appliances for a beautiful and functional kitchen

Eventually, small kitchen appliances are great to make this environment even more practical and functional for those who love cooking. From the more classic kitchen appliances that almost everyone has in their house, such as the toaster, the kettle, the blender, the food scale, to the most professional ones, such as the mixer, the slicer, the food processor and the steamer.

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