Kitchen freestanding units

Traditional island, peninsula or linear cuisine? None of these, if the space available is limited or we are in the condition of having to furnish the professional kitchen of a restaurant. The freestanding kitchen units are comfortable and functional solutions, being by nature modular and placed inside the room according to the needs. Often made with wheels, the modules for modular kitchens are furnishing elements for an environment, that of the kitchen, which must have as its essential prerogative to be functional and comfortable, especially if we are talking about a professional kitchen for a starred restaurant. Many times, however, especially in domestic environments, the choice falls on the freestanding kitchens also for a choice of style, for the desire to furnish the house with alternative and unusual furnishings. Hence the choice of many leading companies in the sector, to reinvent models for common use and easily adaptable to the most diverse needs.

Freestanding modules or free-standing kitchens, what are the differences?

The difference between a kitchen module and the queen of freestanding kitchens, that is, the free-standing kitchen, on which there is so much to say and tell given the historical derivation and widespread use in the ancient houses of the '900, is really subtle. At one time, especially during the war period, domestic shelters provided for this as a domestic fireplace - the variant with wood-burning stoves was very common - and a single basin for washing dishes and cloths, without any differentiation. Over the years the model has clearly evolved aesthetically but has not lost its main functions regarding the cooking of food containing, at the same time, hob and oven. This is the main difference between the two elements: the freestanding kitchen units do not necessarily have the only permitted functions in the oven and hob. It is very common to find kitchen modules for sinks rather than freestanding kitchen units for hobs, whether they are gas-fired, electric or made with modern teppanyaki hobs, as well as freestanding units with shelves, ideal for containing everything you need to make a delicious dish.

Islands and columns for the kitchen: each module has its own function

How many times have you ever wanted to modernize your kitchen with wall or island elements that could somehow complete it or give it that extra touch. The island kitchen modules are the easiest thing to bring into your kitchen, especially when you are dealing with a module consisting of shelves only with no connection to water or electrical systems. For many, it's a real extra workbench whose aim is to provide space for manoeuvring in kitchens that have very little room for manoeuvre between the cooker hob, sinks and drip trays. It is different to talk about oven columns or refrigerator columns, real wall elements that are able to be discreet and containment at the same time, able to hide pantry, refrigerators, cold rooms and so on but fully camouflaging in the surrounding environment. They are perfect in open living areas where the kitchen - intended as a place of preparation - and the dining area/sitting room must communicate with each other. Many companies have enjoyed decorating the exterior of these columns with bright patterns, lacquers or graphics unique in their kind with the aim of making a functional object, a real piece of furniture.

How to create a professional kitchen with freestanding units?

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a chef's kitchen is the material with which it is made, the most hygienic of all, easy to wash and maintain, which can ensure durability and resistance over time: let's talk about steel. The stainless steel freestanding kitchen units are by far the most suitable for professional kitchens and the key to everything lies in the material, stainless steel! It is undoubtedly the metal that is most suitable for contact with food, boiling pots and pans and liquids without suffering damage or that can somehow contaminate the food. In the same way you could think for a home environment: just look for modular kitchen elements that we have this feature to have in your home professional kitchens worthy of the best restaurants. The question changes if we are dealing with freestanding kitchen modules in wood clearly less suitable for work environments but that thanks to the heat transmitted by the material with which they are made, are perfect to furnish a second home in the countryside or at sea.

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