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Kitchen Taps

The kitchen tap is a complement able to complete the sink and furnish the kitchen according to the different shapes and finishes that can be chosen and depending on the style, materials used and type of installation.
The elongated shape is the one that comes closest to a minimalist style, but you can also opt for a vintage design, a modern style or on the contrary a more classic line. Another aspect to consider when choosing the most suitable faucet for your sink is the type of material: the most used ones are steel and brass, mounted with both polished and matt finishes. Another important choice is that of the type of installation, the taps can in fact be positioned on the wall or mounted directly on the sink surface.

The types of kitchen tap: small tricks

The importance of details is fundamental in the choice of the ideal kitchen tap; contrary to what you might think, there are in fact many choices available and certainly among the most important is the one related to the type of spout. The choice of this particular feature allows us to solve a series of problems such as the possibility of filling a bucket of water or the possibility of moving the tap from one bathtub to another; in the first case it is important to have a spout high enough that will give us the opportunity to make the most of the capacity of the bathtub of the sink, while in the second becomes fundamental the type of tap with swivel spout.
Having a ductile tap suitable for every style and type of sink can also involve the possibility of having a kitchen mixer tap with a hand shower or concealed. The tap with hand shower will allow, through an extensible hose, to move freely between the sink tubs. The concealed kitchen tap, on the other hand, represents the essence of minimalist style: through a push and pull system it will be possible to completely hide the mixer, thus obtaining a lower aesthetic impact.

Material and styles: classic and modern kitchen faucets

The choice of the type of faucet depends very much on the style of the kitchen you want to make and at the same time it can become a design element within one of the most frequented areas of the house.
A kitchen furnished in classic style can include the installation of a steel top mixer with swivel spout; a kitchen designed in retro style can instead be designed with the installation of a brass bridge kitchen faucet or a wall-mounted kitchen faucet with two holes: one for the hot water mixer and one for the cold water mixer; or the retro style goes well with taps with knobs decorated with ceramic plates and more baroque lines.
More modern styles will allow you to choose mixers with pull-out hand showers, professional kitchen taps, or mixers where the design aspect is well marked.

General characteristics and accessories of kitchen taps

Among the important characteristics to consider for a kitchen tap are: the type of control and the number of holes required for its installation.
A single lever kitchen mixer is more practical than one with a double knob; in fact, with the same lever you can increase or decrease the water flow and adjust the temperature according to your needs. The number of holes to be drilled in the sink can partly affect the design of our kitchen, that's why for certain styles where the minimalist concept is predominant it becomes important to choose single hole kitchen taps, for retro or vintage styles it is necessary to use 2-hole taps.
The kitchen taps can be equipped with a range of extra functions and items. Some of the functions connected to taps are closely linked to the water and the type of jet it produces; in fact, there are taps with flow limiters, taps with temperature limiters, taps with aerators that allow a controlled water flow and dispensers with dispensers for drinking water with water treatment.

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