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The role of kitchens has dramatically changed over time. From simply being a space dedicated to meal preparation, kitchens have now come to be the same soul of a furnishing project, the beating heart of a home. This furniture piece has acquired increasing value as an integral and core part of any furnishing style, conceived and tailored upon the family needs. This is why it is important to be careful in choosing a kitchen that is able to meet and fulfill to a greater extent the aesthetic and pragmatic needs of the people using it. Modern kitchens generally offer a good combination of functionality and style and efficiently contribute to the end result of a furnishing project. A traditional wood kitchen, with a chimney hood, etched or mirrored doors, with rope tables and chairs, is perfect for those looking back nostalgically to the old times. Design kitchens and innovative materials define the tastes of a pragmatic person and one who thinks out of the box. Modern kitchens are indeed available in lacquered or laminate materials that bring color to the environment.

How to choose your kitchen layout. From the classic fitted, to kitchens with an island

The composition and size of a kitchen depends on the space you have available. If a room is narrow and long, for instance, it is better to opt for a linear kitchen. This model with its classic taste allows to have all the units styled on a single wall. The elements that compose this kitchen model are indeed all aligned on a unique wall. Open and curved elements, as well as suspended bases fit particularly well with linear kitchens. Double linear kitchens are normally thought for dishes preparation. A kitchen running along two walls, indeed, makes it less handy to position a central element to serve dishes or to insert an island in the composition. In squared spaces, central islands equipped with a hob and a sink are more a good choice. Wall cabinets and bases are best placed against the wall so to leave lot of free space for maneuvering. If the room is rectangular, a kitchen ending with peninsula or an angular kitchen are more advisable. Within the universe of modular kitchens, angular kitchens are the perfect solution when the cooking space overlooks the living area. With angular kitchens too it is central to figure out how to optimize the space available, especially when this is modest. If you prefer a fitted kitchen with a generous worktop, you can consider a kitchen with peninsula. A very practical and appealing solution, this kind of kitchen offers extra counter room where to place accessories like kitchen robots, or cookware sets.
As far as custom kitchens is concerned, it is important to keep in mind that each single element making up the composition needs to be carefully chosen to be sure of every detail, from the kitchen countertop, to the doors, from the sink to the appliances, from the taps to the accessories.

Latest trends in materials and colors of modern kitchens

Modern kitchens, just like the ones in country or Provecale, baroque or industrial style, are available in innovative colors and materials that make maintenance and cleaning chores easier. Laminate and lacquer, for instance, can perfectly match these needs as they do not need the same level of care as solid wood. Laminate is a type of covering made of thin resin layers. Lacquer, on the other hand, consists in wood varnished with specific enamels with a gloss, matte or metallic finish. However there also are models made of steel a material that is especially recommended for professional kitchens, brass, or natural stone, coming in a host of designs, sizes and finishes. One of the recurring trends in recent years have certainly been glass table tops, a material that contributes to confer a lighter, brighter and upscale appearance to the entire kitchen. A latest discovery is melamine, a composite material made of chipboard doors overlaid with pressed paper panels impregnated with melamine resin. This treatment makes the material highly resistant to stains, scratches and moisture. Colors are another strength point of modern kitchens. Vivid tones range from blue to red, gray and green. The visual impact is striking, especially if completed with wood effect details.

Balance functionality and aesthetics in your kitchen project

When choosing a kitchen t is important to keep in mind three main qualities; a kitchen should be functional, practical and ergonomic. These three criteria must be taken into account at each step while choosing a kitchen. Specific attention is to be paid to the electrical outlets, connections and drains, although all the elements of similar use in a kitchen are generally placed next to each other. The kitchen units serving as pantry, for instance, need to be positioned next to the fridge, so to have everything at hand when something is needed. The worktop needs to have right next to it drawers and other storage units for the kitchenware, rags and plastic flatware. In order to minimize the water connections, the sink and dishwasher are better if positioned next to one another; the same goes for cooking appliances. In the most common set ups the oven is placed underneath the hob; however, if the space allows the oven can better be accommodated inside a kitchen tower unit. Another aspect to focus on is that no kitchen component should impede the opening of doors and windows or be too close to heaters. In sum, there are plenty of factors to be considered when buying a kitchen. It is important not to forget that a kitchen is something that should last in time, that it should be used on a daily basis, made up of different components that are frequently put under stress due to use and external factors.

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